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  1. Well I won't be buying it without the FMS, cant stand the Garmin GPS units and I don't own and never will any flight1 or RXP Garmin addons. I wouldn't pay for the JS41 again and then pay out another $50 for a realistic GPS which still isn't realistic for the JS41, not posting this because I know it won't change anything just felt like I should voice my feelings for an addon that I spend 50% of ALL my flights in (the other 50% in the Q400Pro).
  2. Hi just bought the effects package. P3D2.4, REX4 TD with standard weather depicted 'Major Thunderstorm' and 'Heavy Snows' and on neither did I see any rain or snow. Aircraft Majestic Q400 with engines turned off. Also i just saw a thread from someone saying they got the rain tunnel light show with the pack installed, I bought this app because people on avsim said that it fixed it which is concerning to me that I might have wasted £9 :( but we will see. Dave. haha just reinstalled it and now it works.....dodgy
  3. really? I just bought it to avoid this effect in P3D :( refund time methins
  4. Hi Nico, there are no FSX Aberdeen scenery :(

  5. Google is your friend :)http://www.savefile.com/files/2067844
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