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  1. VIC, If IN works, why, when I select no AA in P3dv42, do I not see the results of the NI settings: Override, 8xSQ, 8s SGSS. I'm a bit confused. It seems to me that I MUST set P3D to something. What are your exact settings please? Thanks. Jack Asus Z97Pro, 4670@stock, Gskill, 7-8-8, Nvidia 1070, Asus ROG XG32 monitor @ 2560x1440.
  2. Hi All, This fix now has my FSX looking better than P3D by a large margin. Thank you Steve. The cockpit shadows, as an example, are much less jagged and flow smoother across the screen. The water is better by far. The transition from blue to brown at DC is really nice. The colors are deeper and richer. All I had to do was experiment with the Enhancer and DX10 Controller settings plus Water Configrator settings. I use Orbx combined with Ultimate Terrain, REX, ASN, UT2 and a number of add-on aircraft. System: i4760@4.544 on a ASUS Z-97 pro gamer with RAM timings of 7-8-8-24 and GTX 970. Sliders that count: AutoGen = Dense Complexity=Very Dense I have followed Dr. Nick's suggestions since 2007 as far as setup is concerned. Jack
  3. Yeah, I just got it and it ain't workin!, So far nothing from the forum. Jack
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