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  1. Hi all,Problem solved, it was a corrupted installer. After re download my 737NGX 600-700 copy the installation completed successfully.John
  2. Thanks Carl,I'll wait for the final PMDG answer on my issue and then I'll post.Regards,John
  3. Carl thank you for your help but there are no changes than the stock install. It is a new PC bought with the OS installed and FSX, Acceeleration and every addon (737NGX 800-900 is included) was installed quite succesfully.John
  4. Hi Carl,I use W7 64bit professional (no tweaked and of course fully updated). The question is why my OS refuses to install the 600-700 expansion only. 800-900 isntalled succesfully few hours ago!Regards,John
  5. Dear all,After a succesfull installation of PMDG737NGX 800-900 (3118 full installer) in my new PC, i proceeded with the 600-700 expansion (3118 full installer downloaded from PMDG). Attempting the 600-700 installation i faced the error "Feature transfer file - Catastrophic failure" and thus it is impossible to install and use my 600-700 copy.Is there anyone had ever the same issue? (I submitted a ticket in PMDG support but they said that is an OS issue and I' m wondering why on this specific installer only?)Any help will be higly appreciated,Regards,John
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