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  1. yes, me. And guess what - 3 years on and IAS mode is still not working 🙂
  2. Hi Pete, did you get this solved? I am writing my own at the moment and I got the MCP functions working. But you must define Macros with FSUIPC to get the HDG/ALT etc. change. The G03_00x_IND LVARS give you the display values. Word Not Allowed
  3. well, it is Worldflight 2017 1st day and neither ChasePlane nor EzDok work for me - the worst time for this issue to occur.... I signed up for Alpha and hold off complaining - the software is good. But to fail due to a outdated SSL cert, really.....
  4. Hi, MCE for X-Plane and SSG 747-800 1.5.1 and we have the same problem. Can you have a look and get this fixed in the next version? Thanks Word Not Allowed
  5. OK. did as instructed and sent the screenshots to support via e-mail. Let's hope we find something. Thanks for the help so far! Word Not Allowed
  6. Hi, I cleaned and reinstalled everything again, the MCE files are in the Folder, correct versions and it works for JARDesign Airbus etc. It doesn't detect the passenger as well as the freighter version. I saw that you have folders in the VoiceScripts Copilot Aircraft folder for both SSG_B748-F and -I. Could you tell me what exactly the xmcssg74.dll is looking for to detect? Maybe that has changed in 1.4 or XP 10.42 has changed something (wouldn't be the first problem I got with that release of X-Plane). Thanks Word Not Allowed
  7. Hi, I have installed the latest MCE for XP version yesterday just to be sure but apparently the support for the SSG 747-8 does not work. I saw that the support dll does not get installed into the MCE dll folder and no matter what I try I always get the generic Boeing checklist and no specific VoiceScripts. The VCP cannot change the headings etc and none of the commands work. According to the description on the website this should be included. Have I missed something? I have the combi/package of passenger and freighter version 1.4 on XP 10.42 Windows 8.0 64-bit. Thanks Word Not Allowed
  8. Hi, I am really glad to see that you will support PF3 as well. PFE 3.0 is a very surprising (at least for me - I never saw it coming) update of a years old ATC product that I used in FS9, FSX and P3D. PFE has a lot of interesting features from dedicated parking positions to oceanic procedures, SIDs and STARs etc etc. A decent set of voices make it sound much better than RC4. The only thing I was/am not happy with is the quality of the ATC. PFE old looses you very easily, brings you in too high if you have not defined your path properly (meaning a lot of fine tuning of the flight plan) and the ATC chatter runs over your communication... A lot of these things PF3 claims to fix. I installed it on Windows 8 and got it to work with P3D and also saw that it connects to XPUIPC. But your interface somehow cannot connect (which did not surprise me ) David: I am going to do a test flight in P3D with the demo and will let you know what I think on my Youtube channel - I just need to find some time for it... Word Not Allowed
  9. just to let you know... I installed RC4 on the same PC as X-Plane10, John Dekker provided me with a new serial number Now the RC4 X-Plane plugin works
  10. yeah I thought so. And the weather data issue I also have with my PFE Interface. I meant an RC4 license key because my sim is on the PC without RC4 and the RC4 PC is very slow. I will give it a try and see what the guys say. After all I want RC4 with X-Plane... ^_^ Thanks! Word Not Allowed
  11. Hi, well I had done that already - hours of experimentation did not work out Looks like the hotkey mechanism does not work via XPWideClient. I may have to install RC4 on the X-Plane PC and hope that I get a license key for a second PC. If you have some spare time maybe you can look at that eventually. Would be an improvement for the product. Kind regards Word Not Allowed
  12. Hi, does it work with XPWideClient? I have RC4 licensed on another PC - works fine for FSX/P3D but I cannot get any key to trigger with the XP plugin. The displays show shortly and then disappear. ATIS comes when I set the frequencies but none of the menu commands work. I hope there is an easy solution. B) Cheers
  13. Hi, congratulations to the team for creating a professional plugin to get a decent ATC program connected to XP10. I am going to get and test it today. I am the guy who has connected PFE via XPUIPC and Python - it kind of works ok but there are many aspects which are hard to deal with in this combination. I don't have the time and so far not the experience to make a fat plugin - so I am happy to see that someone took care of that. We need decent ATC in X-Plane. I had a first go at RC4 but my main issue was the multiline display which I could not get XPUIPC to display properly. So here is the solution PFE is actually not that difficult - main issue is the key interactions which is not supported by XPUIPC, so I had to look at the offsets for the key map and associate keys to offsets. Worked most of the time but not always. So I am looking forward to a PFE interface from you guys as well - and if you get them connected to MCEXP like in the MS world - that would be the icing on the cake. Cheers Word Not Allowed
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