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  1. Well I tried it, and for me it's not sharp enough. I only tried it in P3d. It was great on the ground but once in the air it turned into mush. Another problem I had was if I turned to quickly, or any movement that was too quick it would make me dizzy. I don't think that happens to everyone, but for me it did, and it made me nauseous. I feel when the technology reaches 4K and the hardware can drive it at a high frame rate, this will be the flights enthusiast dream come true. I return the Oculus Rift. I am watching the technology evolves, and when it reaches a high resolution and the hardware can drive it at that resolution I will be the first one to pick it up, because it is truly an immersive experience.
  2. I guess I'll have to give it a go, and see for myself. For me the feeling of flight would be the most important thing, and the way you describe it cements the feeling that I think I will get from it. I can always return it if it doesn't live up to my expectations. Thank WebMaxis for sharing your detailed experience.
  3. Hi WebMaximus thanks for posting your thoughts. But now that you have had it for a few days, do you have any regrets about your purchase? do you still feel the same excitement? I to have a similar setup as you with a 50"4K monitor, and I"m happy with the frame rate and visuals, but after reading your post I have the urge to go 3D.
  4. Running Samsung 50" JU7100 4K HDTV with 980ti. Get it, you wont regret it. It runs great.
  5. Wow you were right it made a big difference for me to. Most of the stutter that I was experiencing in the past is gone. Another thing that you might want to try, is to run your monitor at higher refresh rate. I got my 42inch TV to run at 70hz. The way to do that, is to make a custom resolution with a custom refresh rate, and test the higher hertz one step at a time until your monitor starts showing problems, and steeping back. Some monitors can go higher than 60hz. Mine goes up to 72hz, but I still only run it at 70hz. It seems to make thing A little smother as well.. Cheers, Aron
  6. Ron, thanks for your input, But at this point I am so confused weather I should wait for the 980ti and build a knew machine while at the same time get the 4k monitor then. What by bigest concern would be is to by a Titan X with a 4k monitor and find out that my 3930k at 4.6ghz with 16gigs of 2133 ram just doesn't cut it, and what makes it look so good in your videos is the combination of your new CPU DDR4 ram with the Titan X. If I new for certan that I wouldn't lose any performance going to a 4K monitor, and the Titan X all the while staying with my config. I would take the plung Decisions, decisions.... Thanks again to Ron, and to all who have put input into the inevitable future... Sincerely, Aron
  7. Robert, Same here OOM is the bigest problem that i'm experiencing. Do you find that your FPS is any less going from 1080P to 4K after HDMI 2.0? If The FPS is the same then I will be closer to pulling the triger. WebMaximus, I also want to thank you for sharing your experience. Sincerly, Aron
  8. Macwino, What CPU and Ram are you is in your system? You had the same experience as WebMaximus when you ram your 4K monitors at HDMI 1.4? Sincerly Aron
  9. Hi Rob I hope you can help, This is the new Sony 4K model to be released shortly XBR-49X830C this is the only 49inch that will be released this year, and the one that you own the XBR-49X850B will be discontinued. The difference between the two is the newer model is missing the TRILUMOS display. Also the refresh rate technology on the newer model is the Motionflow XR 960 and the one that you have uses the Motionflow XR 240. I only need this TV for my computer work, and for my simulator. Do you use Motionflow technology in the desktop environment, and what about the TRILUMOS display is that necessary? Does the refresh rate in the computer enviorment rely on the Motionflow technology in any way? because they say the newer Motionflow has smoother fast action, which I would guess only has the do with video on the TV, and does not apply to the computer. The TRILUMOS display gives richer colors. is that something that related to the options regarding RGB vs YCbCr444 signal source. The TV that you have are getting phased out, and will be hard to find. Would you suggest I get it before it's too late, or wait for the new model. Thank's Aron
  10. Hi WebMaximus, How did the 4k monitor work out? Does it take a toll on the CPU? Are you happy with it visually, and are you loosing PFS going from 1080P to 4k? Is it time to upgrade from Titan to Titan X? Sincerely, Aron
  11. Great to hear. Not afraid of tweaking, I've been doing that before my hair started turning grey. I also did a lot of work with color calibration a while back. Thanks again for the info. Sincerly, Aron
  12. Thanks Rob, That is a great setup you have there. Are you happy with that TV? Is there any ghosting? Do you set it at 60Hz, and can it be set to120Hz Thanks again Aron
  13. Rob, I am looking into purchasing a Titan X, and a 4K TV for my simulator. Could you please tell me which Sony monitor you are using? Thanks you Aron
  14. WebMaximus, there is no end to this hoby. we strive for the highest FPS as well as good quality picture. If I had unlimited funds, I would ops for the hole package. I thing at this time the best upgrade for you, and I would be the TITTEN X, and when the next upgrade CPU to the Haswell E is released, it will be time to go with a new CPU, DDR4 Ram and Motherboard.
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