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  1. I know this topic is a bit old but all the links to LYBE are dead. Is the any where else I can find the Scenery
  2. The tittle says it all. This is for FS9 Aerosoft Brussels. As you can see from the screen shots the clouds and also aircraft seem to over ride the Window textures. This does not happen at night. All is fine when the sun goes done, it is just during daylight I have reinstalled the scenery and updated my drivers for my video card which is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX670 I have asked on the Areosoft boards there but they had no answerers for my problem. I have also just noticed this at VTBS made by Armi as well. Here are a couple of screen shoots Thank you all for any help that you may be able to give me on this problem.
  3. Fantastic scenery you have there George, Well worth my hard earned money. My next flight will be Level-D 767 EGLL-CYUL
  4. Have you thought of the East coast or West coast of North America.East coast airports inclued CYYZ,KBOS,KEWR KJFK,KLGA KIAD KPHL,KBUF,KCTL,KCVG,KORD,KMDW,KATL,KFLL,KMSY,KTPA.West coast airports inclued KSEA,KPDX,KSFO,KSAN,KSJC,KLAS,KDEN,KMCI,KDFW. All these Airports are AES capable. Also KLAX and KMIA are to be done soon by Oliver.A couple of more airports would be PANC and PHNL but they are much further away.You shold be able to fly from any of these airports to another AES airport in close to an hour.Happy flying
  5. My longest light time is LAX-BKK on THA flt#795. It took 17 hr 48 min in an Airbus A340-500. distance was 8061 miles.My longest distance is 8449 miles from JNB-ATL on Delta 201, It took 16 hr 45 min in a Boeing 777-200lr
  6. It seems that We might loose all of Alpha India Group's hard work because of one person.Salvador Gonzalez Velasco is using Alpha India Group,s material for his own Web site calledICE AI Traffic without AIG's permission. Alpha India Group' s web site has been replaced by this. http://www.alpha-india.net/ I strongly suggest that people go to the ### AI Traffic web site and let Mr.Salvador Gonzalez Velascoknow that his use of other oeoples work is wrong and to shut his site down before we losse AIG and it'swouderful staff for good. This is ### AI Traffic web sitehttp://www.iceaitraffic.com/index.html
  7. I got the CaptianSim B752 for Christmas but I am having problems getting everyhing right from a cold start. Does anyome know of a tutorial for this aircraft. Any help with this would appreciated, Thank you for your time on this matter.
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