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  1. Quick question.... can we use reshade with the -800 yet. I remembered there being an issue with the EFB. Thanks!!
  2. Thinking about a huge system upgrade for the P3DV4.4 and the future. Please comment: Windows 10 Home Intel® Core™ Processor i7-9700K GeForce® RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 16GB ADATA XPG Z1 3000MHz RAM 240GB WD Green SSD + 2TB HDD Combo ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4 -CB Motherboard Thanks again!! V/R FDX706
  3. Nevermind it was my mistake...I loaded it the way I was suppose to and it worked perfectly. Thanks!!
  4. Having the same issue with the NGX. Had a CTD on climbout on the DARRK1 dep out of KLAX-KSFO. Didn't do anything other than open the FMC and it froze immediately. Happened twice tonight. Not sure why. Just confirming its happening. V/R
  5. Seems to be updated now..athough I keep getting a notification for and update. The Updater is saying up to date.
  6. Tried different connections from the desktop. Still the same result everytime. Will keep trying. Hopefully we fine a solution soon. Quick Update: I was able to connect to download the dll files but after the Ops Center ran the Updater quits.
  7. Oh no please don't misunderstand me.. Not pointing the finger at all. I appreciate the swift support. I was just saying what I thought by speculating from my perspective Well, I just re-installed the 200LR/F and the same issue remains. I hope we get it resolved soon. Take care and thanks for the help.
  8. Ok. I'll try un-installing/re-installing the 200LR and see if that fixes it. I believe it my be on your end (the OC server). It seems I'm not the only one with this issue. I'll let you know what happens.
  9. Just did that... same thing. I stops at 488KB then I get " failed to download after 3 attempts. I also uninstalled/re-installed the 777-300ER to see if that helped but I didn't. Can't connect to the PMDG download server. I can get to the PMDG webpage however.
  10. I uninstalled my antivirus... Same issue is occurring. Not sure what else to do.
  11. Correct.. I've been using the updater in that folder(:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center) directly and get the same download failure everytime. Not sure why Its doing that now. I've always been able to update the Ops center using the updater. By the way my AV/firewall are off. I'll open up a support ticket.
  12. Good Morning, I'm having difficulties updating the OPS center. I'm getting the download failed "PMDG Operations Center.exe has failed to download after 3 attempts. I've disabled my anitvirus/firewall (Norton). I've looked in the C:\Users\Personl Folder\AppData\Roaming\PMDG\PMDG Operations Center\Updater and its empty. Not sure what else to do at this point. I look forward to hearing from you.
  13. Yes I can access the PMDG website. I've disabled my antivirus (Norton) and even edited the rules to allow the Ops center to run. Now the Ops Center keeps quitting. Not sure what to do. I there anyway I can download the Ops center manually?
  14. Still doing the same thing. Never did this before. Thanks!!
  15. I'm unable to update the new OC using the updater. I'm getting a "PMDG Operations Center.exe" has failed to download after 3 attempts. Please try. Been trying all morning. Any Suggestions? Thanks!!
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