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  1. Hi all, Has anybody the safegates working at Larnaca (LCLK) Cyprus. Cannot find the SODE file for it. Please advise. Pieter Veelo
  2. I have exactly the same problem. Pieter Veelo
  3. Hi all, Thank you all for you're reactions. Found the problem. after updating the Envshade it is gone. Pieter Veelo
  4. Hi all, I have a problem with the display of Cockpit view. As soon I change for example to spot I get a double display..Alighter coloured one within the main display It is like there is a second display Any ideas as I cannot find it Display via Matrox Triplehead2go
  5. Hi Bryan, Tested LEBL (JustSim) all went well except send me through "no entry" but stayed with me to the gate Pieter
  6. Hi Bryan, Tried EDDF (Aerosoft) same problem as Flytampa LGAV and EHAM. But even extremer after about 200 meters turned into the field and went straight for the gate .From 25L on M21 and as soon as we hit M he forgot about me. Pieter
  7. Hi Bryan, Tested on LCLK (JustSim) Went perfect From RW 04 on B to C changed to L and to Gate 26. With out any problem. So must be something in Flytampa AFCAD's???? Will try another Pieter
  8. Hi Bryan, Tested at EHAM (as Athens FLYTAMPA) from RW 18R to Gate D12 V2 to V after that W5 and C Perfect! But then went on B should be A as they drive as on a highway on the right. But again at a certain point turns and goes straight through the building to D12. I do not know a lot about programming, but I think that at the moment that puts the marshal in place at the gate the car heads straight for him. Hence the sudden manouvre Pieter
  9. Hi Brian, Tested Beta. Arrival at Athens ( LGAV) RW03L. At exit A9 follow me appeared as programmed, Started to drive via A, A5 and Z. Perfect. But half way Z it turned into the field and went straight through the buildings to the Gate A3 , witch was requested. Pieter
  10. Hi all, I have the following problem. After landing, wanting to have a follow me Car and hitting either the key or going via addons I get Data loading ....Please wait. But no matter how long I wait I never get the option to call the car. Every time I try again same message.And this at every airport. What have I done wrong in the setup, please advise Pieter Veelo
  11. Hi Bryan, I found the problem. In my case the problem was the profile in the speech recognition panel. When I changed it to default all went as it should. Thanks for your help and time😄
  12. I have never made a video, for sure not of or inside my flightsim. Sorry. But you can come in with teamviewer if you want
  13. By the way I am trying to send you the log. Did you receive it yet?
  14. Yes I am saying as one phrase but it just not register (no green bar with my answer) so no response
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