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  1. I'll give the fast turn/slow turn a try. Thanks for the insight into the MIDI controller differences too!
  2. I've built a DIY button-box that uses rotary encoders wired into a Teensy 2.0. It's mostly used for GPS knob adjustments where you're selecting or inputting waypoints. It's emulating a joystick and outputting button presses as I turn the encoder. I'm finding that I need to turn the encoder within a fairly narrow rate band when using it as a GPS knob. If I go too fast the "button release" pulse isn't detected. I've tried various settings in AAO, like the repeat on hold options, but there was never a good setting that would give me a single increment at a time when turning slowly and multiple increments when turning rapidly. My question today is if the X-Touch mini encoders work any better. Are there settings that allow fine adjustment at slow speeds (for selecting a specific letter on a GPS) but can rapidly send multiple commands at higher speeds (like when I want to zip through the alphanumeric list to select the letter T)?
  3. I ended up putting it into an RPN script. The custom variables only had K: and B: selections, so I was unsure if they would work for an LVAR. In any case, the RPN script worked well, so I’m up and running. Thanks for the help!
  4. I'm a basic user of AAO, so I'll just describe in more detail what I've done. With the Blackbird C310R loaded I selected Scripting -> Read LVARs from Sim in the AAO interface. Then I selected two simulator events from the Found in Files category, C310_SW_EDML_L and C310_SW_EDMR_L. Under the assigned buttons list there is L:C310_SW_EDML_L which functions as expected and B:C310_SW_EDMR_L which does not.
  5. I’m mapping the Blackbird C310R EDM700 buttons using their LVARS. Three of the for buttons map correctly. The fourth L:C310_SW_EDMR_L ends up mapping in AAO as a BVAR. Any advice on where to look to troubleshoot the problem?
  6. Did anyone ever find an answer to this? I'm trying to map this to a switch too and didn't find anything on other forums.
  7. My installation is a clean install of ASE, and I've seen interpolation issues with the wind as well (see some earlier posts).Scott
  8. Jim,This screen was taken before FSX was launched. It the data on the map screen reliant on FSX being active to reliably populate the interpolated weather stations?Thanks,Scott
  9. Jim,Found another odd occurance. I was browsing the station weather in and around LA and was looking at some more interpolated station dataIt seems to be taking data from very distant stations. Have others seen this?Thanks,Scott
  10. I flew in these conditions in FSX a bit yesterday and the low winds do cause localized areas of low wind (~3kts) while the surrounding areas are at 18-25 kts. Is there any way to shut these off, or will we need to wait for the next service pack? Thanks,Scott
  11. Jannier,Yes, I noticed the source data winds were all higher, too. I'd expect the interpolated station to be somewhere between the other stations. Has anyone else observed this phenomenom on their systems? I'm just running vanillia FSX with Acceleration, plus a RealAir Duke.Of course, all this data is collected and processed before I even launch FSX, so I don't think it would have an effect.Scott
  12. I was looking at the interpolated weather station created near my home airport today and noticed something odd. The winds here today are gusting from 10-20 kts, but the interpolated station has only 2-3 kts of wind. Here's a shot of the interpolation source data, along with the results at bottom (Build 572).Is there a way to turn off these interpolation sites? Or some setting I should change? Thanks,ScottInterpolation screenshot
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