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  1. Long story, and ever since Mozilla screwed up Firefox, it's been more work for me to get the map versions as I switched back to IE. Anyway here's the current versions.Service 1 map version=516Service 3 map version=1.9 (as always)
  2. Service 1 map version=487 (VE/MS)
  3. Service 3 is still at 1.9. Not sure which others other than that.
  4. Service Example 1=map version 461
  5. No and no.I think the best way is to go in the Tileproxy folder on your start menu in windows, and select "Manage Service Caches". There select the appropriate service and press erase to delete all downloaded tiles. I'm not sure if you'll need to, but I then delete the generated scenery by using the "Cleanup World Folder" under the Tileproxy folder.However if the only change in the new version is higher res textures, I understand it that Tileproxy will download resolutions not downloaded previously, even if you don't delete anything.BTW:Service 1 map version=426
  6. Proxyuser.iniChange the map_version=xxx line under service example 1, by replacing the number after "=" with the new map version number. You can see an example slightly higher on this page, for service example 3.
  7. Those are great images, John; especially the first one. I think it's a great service for flying in Norway, but it seems to download textures a bit slow; at least for me. Think this might be because it shouldn't need the capasity that the worldwide services need.
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