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  1. I have uploaded a Marine Corp VC-118 Paint scheme (USMC VC-118 (DC-6A) 128426 1979) to AVSIM to go along with the 2 U.S. Air Force C-118 paint schemes I uploaded last year. Please don't be critical if you see minor imperfections as I had to take some liberties since good photos of this aircraft are extremely limited. The download can be found at
  2. usaforf

    Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 (spanish)???

    Kyle I respectively have to disagree with you - it is a PMDG issue. RAAS may be the culprit but it is the PMDG 777 installer that is putting the database engine on our computers. Please consider modifying the installer to make the installation of RAAS an option.
  3. I have uploaded the following liveries to AVSIM for use with the PMDG DC-6 For FSX/P3D: USAF MATS C-118 (DC-6A) 50-7642 1960s** Available at - USAF MAC C-118 (DC-6A) 51-3833 1970s** Available at - Braathens S.A.F.E. Airlines Douglas DC-6B (LN-SUK)** Available at - Cayman Airways Cargo Douglas DC-6A (N61267) Available at - Royal New Zealand Air Force Douglas DC-6B (NZ3631) ** the release of these liveries were announced in earlier post Hope you enjoy
  4. usaforf

    Livery Requests

    I have uploaded a PMDG (FSX/P3D) DC-6B repaint for Braathens S.A.F.E. (South American & Far East) Airlines. It was the Norwegian airline that Jan Stene requested and which operated from 1946 until it merged with Scandinavian Airlines Norway (SAS) in 2004 to become SAS Braathens. This aircraft, LN-SUK, is painted as seen at Stockhoim-Bromma (BMA/ESSB) in August 1971. The repaint in .ptp format is available at AVSIM at
  5. I downloaded and installed VAInterface beta for P3Dv4. VAInterface_2.24.1.11639.exe connects to P3Dv4 fine and my iPad connects to VAInterface fine. But to get the ipad to connect and interact with PMDG 737 NGX I have to go into the VAInterface Control Panel and on the Aircraft tab select the profile for the title I am flying. This has to be done each time I change to a different a different livery. I don't recall having to do this with FSX, Question is - Is this going to be the new Norm or will VAInterface be able to automatically detect the livery selected and apply the correct profile.
  6. For fans of military iron, I have uploaded 2 U.S. Air Force C-118 paint schemes to AVSIM. The first is painted in Military Air Transport System (MATS) livery as it would have looked in the early 1960s and can be found at The second is painted in Military Airlift Command (MAC) livery as it would have looked in the early 1970s and can be found at .
  7. usaforf

    P3D DC6 Paintkit

    Will there be a paintkit for the P3D DC-6 made available soon. I downloaded the xplane paintkit and compared it to the P3D installed repaints - although close it is no cigar.
  8. usaforf

    777 Community Livery Availability Thread

    Tom Thanks for the quick response, I was actually going to ask the question in a separate post since I didn't know if you monitored all of the post. AVSIM is and has been invaluable to the hobby, and I assure you I would not do anything to jeopardize AVSIM. I guess I'll just keep the repaint for myself since the main reason I was doing it was just for the challenge since it is so complex.
  9. usaforf

    777 Community Livery Availability Thread

    I am currently working on a revised version of the Peter Max with what it might look like after the merger (i.e. UNITED instead of CONTINENTAL). However, while doing research for the project, a lot of info popped up concerning Peter Max's threat of lawsuits over copyright violation for anyone who creates a repaint of this aircraft for Flight Simulator. Most of the post were in the 2002-2005 timeframe and since the real aircraft was repainted in 2008 to standard livery, I don't know what the current status of the threats is. Some of the post indicated that AVSIM would not permit a Peter Max repaint to be uploaded to the library because of the threats. It would be interesting to hear from the AVSIM moderators as to their current position on this repaint. I plan to continue working on it, but whether or not it is made available publicly will depend on what I find out about the copyright situation.
  10. usaforf

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Southwest Airlines "Penguin One" Boeing B737-700NG WL If you downloaded my Southwest Airlines "Penguin One" Boeing B737-700NG WL from AVSIM, please read: Thanks to John Tavendale for pointing out a couple of texture errors with the wing. If you have downloaded my SWA Penguin 1 from AVSIM, you will need to download the small fix [Southwest Airlines "Penguin One" Boeing 737-700 NG w/Winglets - Texture Fix] and follow the instructions in the ReadMe. This is not a complete ptp file just some dds files you will need to copy into the … Airplanes\PMDG 737-700NGX WL\Texture.WN_PENGUIN1 folder. The fix file is currently available on AVSIM Sorry for the errors and inconvenience
  11. usaforf

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    When I did the Cal 1 scheme I did stretch the bear a bit so the lights would look like eyes. I kind of thought it was a neat touch