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  1. Hmm, I will try calling tomorrow and see where that gets me. Failing that I will go back and speak with the medical department and take it from there. Anyway thanks for your help sir.
  2. I could speak to the manufacturer about it. What should I be asking about in particular/what would make it "compatible" with aircraft panels. Thanks
  3. Interesting, the reason I have been asking about this is because I am deaf and as such have to use two baha hearing aids. I have been speaking to the CAA and explained the fact that I have to use the two hearing aids and asked about getting a medical using the direct audio input for my hearing aids instead of a headset for listening to audio, and after discussion they have asked me to take a functional hearing test which is basically just going in a simulator or a real aircraft and using the system. http://www.connevans.co.uk/product/4775992/DCOM50377/Oticon-Medical-Audio-Adaptor This is the system in question. Its basically just a 3.5mm jack that connects to a box to make sure that whatever I plug into doesn't destroy the hearing aid, and then connects to the hearing aid by the three prong part. The hearing aid does have its own volume control, but this will raise/lower the volume of both external hearing and the audio input which is not ideal, usually I rely on changing the volume on the pc/phone to adjust the input volume. Would this system, with an adapter for the plug size work? And since the hearing aids are self powered what would the impedance be roughly? Thanks
  4. Yeah I know about the jack size difference. But say you just had a 3.5mm headset and plugged it in using an adapter would it work or does it need to have its own volume control?
  5. Was looking at some headsets today and though about this. Why do all aviation headsets have built in volume control? Do most aircraft not have their own volume control for listening to communication/atc next to the audio jacks or somewhere else in the cockpit? Obviously with normal headsets you adjust the volume on the pc/phone/whatever so is this not the same in aircraft?
  6. Sorry late reply, busy week. What is the process and requirements for getting equipment tso'd? Wasn't sure if this would apply to my hearing aid audio input since it is literally just a wire with a adapter in the middle. Thanks
  7. Hi there. Wall of text to explain why Im asking this question, skip to bottom for question. I'm currently going through the process of getting my medical to start flying lessons after I finish uni. I have a hearing loss meaning that I have to wear two baha's. Despite this I have been told that I could still obtain a class 1 medical from the FAA with the notice *hearing amplification required*. In order to use the communications systems in aircraft I will have to use a 3.5mm to audio input for my hearing aid. In general aviation aircraft it is not hard to get an adaptor in order to plug into the aircrafts communication system. My question is what standard of audio connector is used in commercial aircraft (e.g Airbus, Boeing, Embraer) and how long are the cable lengths for the headsets that airlines provide for these aircraft. Thanks Tim Heptinstall
  8. Wow that looks amazing, is that one for the NGX or something else? If not really hope somebody could redo that for the NGX.
  9. Nice to see your doing NGX paints Holgi! I really enjoyed your Airbus X paints and have to say they are superb quality.
  10. Never seen that binter livery before, just assumed that they only ranter ATR's. Would be fun doing island hops around the canaries in that the after takeoff and approach checklists would be merged in one. A google searched said they run from Tenerife (north) to La Palma, Fuerteventura and some UK destinations. So +1 for that livery please.
  11. That looks great... as far as im aware the colors are spot on. if you can could you do the no winglets version (example reg G-CDZL).
  12. Hello everyone, been on holiday over the last few weeks but saw the paintkit got released and with it two Thomsons and the Jet2 repaints have been finished by users of this forum. Absolutely fantastic repaints however they all have the problem in which the interior is gone, this is fairly recognisable actually and i was hoping if anyone knew how to fix it on my end? If not could either the authors or someone else re-do these much needed repaints. Many thanks, and apologies again if i am missing something, i have been away for a long time and a lot happens on this forum. EDIT: It turns out loading the sim solves the problem, like i said i was unaware of this. Once again great repaints.
  13. Lots of people requesting Thomson :D Hopefully it wont be long after the paintkit until someone does a repaint for it. Id love to see that also a Jet2 livery, that just looks so cool in silver and red.
  14. TUIFly and Thomson are entirely different airlines. The only thing that relates them is the TUI company. I don't think any of us are going to be told what liveries are being included this close to release, we will just find out either on or before release day when the liveries are available for download. btw For those requesting the Norewegian Air Shuttle you should have gone to specsavers :D
  15. It will be quite a while as not many people are immediately going to buy the plane and paint it. Anyway should the worse happen i will hang around Boeing field learning every feature of the NGX until i can make a delivery flight. That said there is Ryanair but not my favorite airline...
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