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  1. I have the same problem and it all started with the menu prompting me as to wether I wanted to or not to use the RAAS Module, which I clicked with yes. I only own the PMDG 777 which is installed and has been re-installed up to now. Besides, but never installed, the AXE and Dash 8. I don´t own any of your products, besides those in which it came with. What only went wrong here? Are you guys having server problems or what? Yesterday my FS worked and today, all of a sudden, it keeps crashing to the Desktop and that is annoying me. I have not installed anything since last week and all was fine until today. Checked all the pages including MS for help and tried everything from uninstalling yesterdays updates over checking the xml.ini and FSX.cfg - but with no success! I am not in the mood to re-install everything again and again, because someone made some sort of a mistake! I do seek your help and assistance in this matter, as I am not the only user with this issue! Kind regards. Stefan Fischer
  2. Hodge001: I know and received a mail of you starting a personal conversation with me. But, unfortunately I can neither open nor access it.Kind regards.-STEFAN-FISCHER-
  3. For ONA: N1031FFor NA: N83NA with metall, partly metall and all white belly.For Western: The delivery and final livery.I will try to mail some images to??? (I need your e-mail address) tonight or tomorow.Kind regards.-STEFAN-FISCHER-
  4. I think airliners.net should provide good photo's on these Airlines and how the paints looked a like on their DC-10s. I think, ONA had -30CF's while the other two had the -10/-30s pax only.Thank you so much! I have been waiting eagerly to finally fly em on FSX. :)Kind regards.-STEFAN-FISCHER-
  5. Could I please request for:ONA - Overseas NationalNational Airlines (- the default one has some errors, same like)Western Airlines (All white Spaceship and Budlite)A huge Thank you in advance.Kind regards.-STEFAN-FISCHER-
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