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  1. Hodge001: I know and received a mail of you starting a personal conversation with me. But, unfortunately I can neither open nor access it.Kind regards.-STEFAN-FISCHER-
  2. For ONA: N1031FFor NA: N83NA with metall, partly metall and all white belly.For Western: The delivery and final livery.I will try to mail some images to??? (I need your e-mail address) tonight or tomorow.Kind regards.-STEFAN-FISCHER-
  3. I think airliners.net should provide good photo's on these Airlines and how the paints looked a like on their DC-10s. I think, ONA had -30CF's while the other two had the -10/-30s pax only.Thank you so much! I have been waiting eagerly to finally fly em on FSX. :)Kind regards.-STEFAN-FISCHER-
  4. Could I please request for:ONA - Overseas NationalNational Airlines (- the default one has some errors, same like)Western Airlines (All white Spaceship and Budlite)A huge Thank you in advance.Kind regards.-STEFAN-FISCHER-
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