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  1. Hi. I just bought a new Pc and I'm in the process of reinstalling all my P3D related things..,like Chaseplane. But inspite of doing excaclty like I always have done, Chaseplane keep telling me that It can not located SimConnect.msi, and that I should find it and install it?? I have made a clean install of P3D (v3) and also the SDK, so everything is in place. I have reinstalled both Chaseplane and the SDK several times but still the same message comes up saying that Chaseplane needs SimConnect.msi in my main P3D folder. I have looked all over for it, but I'm not able to find anything called SimConnect.msi. So after having spend 4 hours trying to fix this I must give up and ask you guys for help. chaseplane is my most improtant ADD on ,so this is very much a main issue for me. best hopes and Thank you
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