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  1. Hi Roland, Thanks for coming back to me so quickly. I use UT2 which has them installed in the simobjects folder structure. I don't think this is the problem as the same AI work at other airports fine including payware ones. It appears to have something to do with this version if Heathrow. Any other ideas? Anything I can supply you with to try and pinpoint this problem let me know. Thanks Andy
  2. Hi Roland, All the previous probs I was having with the approach etc are now fixed so excellent job, traffic flow is wonderful to watch and join when flying into a monitored airport. There is one remaining issue for me though and that's when aircraft land at Aerosoft's latest EGLL scenery. They land fine etc but cannot taxi to the gate and therefore get deleted on the runway due to "Error determining taxi route...". There are many free gates for selection that will fit the aircraft type. I assume this is a problem with Aerosofts BGL? All other addons work well when when selecting the gates and taxi'ing in. Is there anything I can do to try and work this out? Do you have this scenery and if so does it work ok for you? Anyone else seeing this prob for this payware scenery? Thanks as always. Andy
  3. Thanks for the reply Roland. Noted re BIG star, I can edit the airports I'm interested so no probs there. Good news re the other issue I raised re approach selection. I look forward to trying your next release, no rush... All the best Andy
  4. Hi Roland, First up wonderful job. I've been using your program right from the beginning, it really has come on leaps and bounds since then to the point it's a must have app when using AI traffic. This really should be payware... I've been playing around with the latest release and have found a couple of possible bugs which you may or may not already know about. I used the SIDSTAR converter program by Matias and did the whole PMDG SIDSTAR structure. I use Aerosoft's Navdata and UT2 (Ive made the required changes in the config for UT2). I setup the sw to monitor EGLL only, loaded up the sim and sat on the tarmac to see the results. - I noticed that all aircraft seemed to take on the BIG.ILS27R or 27L equivalent approach no matter what STAR they were assigned. They would complete the assigned STAR and then proceed to BIG to complete that approach. I looked through the files and couldn't see any reason for this myself. - I also noticed that once the aircraft were on approach they would often circle back to the starting waypoint, this being BIG due to the other noticed issue above. I had a look through the approach files and noticed that the starting waypoint appeared again halfway into the approach file so the aircraft was of course just doing as it was told. After removing all these db entries in the approach file the approaches worked brilliantly. See below for the unmodified "EGLL APPROACH BNN.ILS27L" file contents. You'll notice at WP1 is BNN and again WP5 is also BNN so the aircraft circles back. <main> <patternname> BNN.ILS27L </patternname> <patterntype> approach </patterntype> <icao> EGLL </icao> <runways> 27L </runways> <bearingrange> </bearingrange> <comments> This APPROACH file was automatically generated by AIConv.exe. Only for use in AIController ENHANCED approach mode. </comments> </main> <dependency> <waypoint> <waypointnumber> 1 </waypointnumber> <fixname> BNN </fixname> <latitude> N51-43.56983 </latitude> <longitude> W0-32.98500 </longitude> <altitudefeet> </altitudefeet> <altitudemeters> </altitudemeters> <speedknots> </speedknots> <comments> </comments> </waypoint> <waypoint> <waypointnumber> 2 </waypointnumber> <fixname> BNN11 </fixname> <latitude> N51-37.03867 </latitude> <longitude> W0-18.77167 </longitude> <altitudefeet> </altitudefeet> <altitudemeters> </altitudemeters> <speedknots> </speedknots> <comments> </comments> </waypoint> <waypoint> <waypointnumber> 3 </waypointnumber> <fixname> BNN15 </fixname> <latitude> N51-34.65783 </latitude> <longitude> W0-13.62067 </longitude> <altitudefeet> 6000 </altitudefeet> <altitudemeters> </altitudemeters> <speedknots> </speedknots> <comments> </comments> </waypoint> <waypoint> <waypointnumber> 4 </waypointnumber> <fixname> BNN19 </fixname> <latitude> N51-32.27317 </latitude> <longitude> W0-8.47867 </longitude> <altitudefeet> </altitudefeet> <altitudemeters> </altitudemeters> <speedknots> 180 </speedknots> <comments> </comments> </waypoint> <waypoint> <waypointnumber> 5 </waypointnumber> <fixname> BNN </fixname> <latitude> N51-43.56983 </latitude> <longitude> W0-32.98500 </longitude> <altitudefeet> </altitudefeet> <altitudemeters> </altitudemeters> <speedknots> </speedknots> <comments> </comments> </waypoint> <waypoint> <waypointnumber> 6 </waypointnumber> <fixname> ILL10 </fixname> <latitude> N51-28.03550 </latitude> <longitude> W0-10.05583 </longitude> <altitudefeet> </altitudefeet> <altitudemeters> </altitudemeters> <speedknots> </speedknots> <comments> </comments> </waypoint> <waypoint> <waypointnumber> 7 </waypointnumber> <fixname> ILL75 </fixname> <latitude> N51-28.00433 </latitude> <longitude> W0-14.05317 </longitude> <altitudefeet> </altitudefeet> <altitudemeters> </altitudemeters> <speedknots> </speedknots> <comments> </comments> </waypoint> <waypoint> <waypointnumber> 8 </waypointnumber> <fixname> ILL4 </fixname> <latitude> N51-27.95683 </latitude> <longitude> W0-19.64933 </longitude> <altitudefeet> </altitudefeet> <altitudemeters> </altitudemeters> <speedknots> </speedknots> <comments> </comments> </waypoint> <waypoint> <waypointnumber> 9 </waypointnumber> <fixname> LON </fixname> <latitude> N51-29.23483 </latitude> <longitude> W0-27.99233 </longitude> <altitudefeet> </altitudefeet> <altitudemeters> </altitudemeters> <speedknots> </speedknots> <comments> </comments> </waypoint> </dependency> Hope this helps. All the best Andy
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