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  1. I am trying to remove default stream texture. I was informed by Luis that placing // in front of the RiverSU.bmp in the terrain.cfg would remove the stream texture. But the streams are still there. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I did know how to remove the default stream texture, but my old age is getting the better of me. In my scenery the stream texture will not flatten in lake and rivers. Luis left me a message that adding // in front of rivers so //Textures=RiverSU.bmp Save. would remove them. This will not work. The stream texture shows in lakes and rivers, and on lakes where the stream texture is the lake will not flatten to set lake elevation
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    Texture co0nfig

    How do you remove stream texture from terrain config?
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    Taking Scenery Requests!

    KCKB Clarksburg, WV has been updated many times in the past few years. I would love to see an updated KCKB file
  5. I am working on my local airprt KCKB, and I want to add some aircraft. I downloaded the Warehouse_Airplanes_General_Aviation 293539 and Warehouse_Airplanes_Military. One groop is listed as ADE9X. The problem is that they are just JPG thumbnails and not the actual objects. How do I use them ?