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  1. Hi Patrick, My aircraft have already been created in the Display on the P3D machine, I've been trying to gain access to them on the second machine via the network path, also using the same method to connect to data, library etc. I agree that that theInstallation and Configuration guides are well presented and make the installation and use of EFB on the P3D machine very straightforward, however I have not found them to be helpful in connection with networking to a second machine. Regards Barry
  2. Hi Patrick, Thanks for your interest. On a networked system doesn't the aircraft list have to come from the original setup on the P3D machine? I've been trying to link back to the original data, aircraft, library...etc. Perhaps I have misunderstood, should I have set up the EFB so that the Display ONLY runs on the second machine? I thought I could have Display running on both machines. Regards, Barry
  3. I'm new to networking and am finding the learning curve to be rather steep! I have two windows 7 machines networked and EFB running ok on the P3D machine. On the second machine (where I want to run the Display Unit) I have selected "remote", identified the IP address of the Data Provider and in the Folders and Links tab altered the paths for the data, aircraft, library, flight logs and routes folders. However, when I open the Miscellaneous tab I can't select the Current Aircraft. The drop-down doesn't work and the window gets a red cross. I put this down to my lack of network experience but can't find a solution. Any help and guidance will be much appreciated.
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