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  1. Thanks Michael. Yes, sarp_79 is right, I'm looking for a simple autostart of AIGTC together with the sim. At the moment I start the tool when the sim is loaded complete. But sometimes I forgot loading the tool (because the sim works in fullview-mode, where I don't see open tasks) and I wonder why I can't see any traffic. Then I remember that I forgot starting the tool. Not a big matter, it would just be more comfortable for me. By the way, FSUIPC is loaded via addonlinker too and this works perfectly. Kai
  2. Good evening,a short question: is there a way AIGTC getting started automatically when the sim is ready for flying? I tried it loaded via addonlinker but this method didn't work: the linker loads it immediately and this seems way too early. So I have to start the tool manually. Is there a known way to have it automatically?Kai
  3. I've watched the video and I was confirmed in the way like I do my flightplans. I don't use simbrief, instead I'm using PFPX but that shouldn't matter. I can use two methods: either loading the plan in the welcome-screen of the sim or I put in every step into the CDU. I prefer the second method by the way. But when I have finished the inputs the FL's I see are phantasiehights at the right LSK-side in opposite to the waypoint. But it looks like as if the aircraft ignore them. If I fly at FL 360 it keeps 360, no matter what is shown in the CDU (see picture). So I decide either watching the flightplan with AivlaSoft (very comfortable) or I use the mathematic method (flying at FL 300 means about 90NM before landing taking as the TOD).
  4. I'd like to know how it can be possible to import a flightplan via PFPX and having a vertical profil with accurate flightlevels at the waypoints and a shown TOD. Is this possible at all; maybe there is a tutorial how to handle this?
  5. Thanks alot; I'll try it as every time!🙂 Would it be possible to add a possibility for starting an external program like FSUIPC when I'm launching the sim? Kai
  6. I read this very often: the SDK is not finished yet. But what items are missed? Maybe developers and others are waiting for things which will never come (dll-managing for example) and they can't import their old programming staff (which was grown about the last decade) into the new environment and they have to invent the wheel again. That sounds not good and maybe not every developer (especially developer who managed a lot with dll-methods) will develop the whole staff from scratch again so I can imagine that they will stick with the FSX-P3D-platform and we won't see their stuff in MSFS at all; I think on long existing, established developers for study level airplanes especially. But every thing has a beginning and an end; who knows, maybe new talents will arrive for developing amazing and study level addons in future for MSFS, with methods offering by the SDK? If I see the progress in developing of the mod for the A320 Neo - very exciting; nearly every day there are improvements!🙂 This could be one of the ways in the future.
  7. I know many simmers who are deleting the content in their shader folder in P3D.x to have it cleared everytime and to prevent having old stuff in it. They are swearing having a better performance after that. That was my intention when I meant this folder and this file. Nothing will be damaged and I can prevent having stuff written in which I don't use at the moment, especially if I switch a lot amongst presets and addons. I delete them manually everytime after changing addons. It goes quickly; I have a shortcut of this folder on my desktop. I would like to have this option in the organizer deleting it automatically every time. Kai
  8. If I buy it: is it full useable in the worldmap for choosing runways for approaching and take off? I have some addons where I can't do it without using navigraph (these are freeware).
  9. Hi Bad_T, the shell syntax works perfectly, thanks a lot! Kai
  10. Hi Bad_T, thanks for your latest work, the tool will become better and better! A short question: I tried the function-button of simstarting and I underlayed the path for its starting in the config-option: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.9.5.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\FlightSimulator.exe. But if I try to start the sim I am told that the path is incorrect. Maybe I put in something wrong; I guess we all have the same path? Kai
  11. Good morning Bad_T, no, it's not experimental at all, I'm loving experimenting and looking behind too, but I have a clearer overview at a first glance for quickly on - off-switching my sorted countries. I have a suggestion: mybe it can be helpful deleting the content.xml and the folder scenery indexes in C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe? The content.xml is keeping every entry which was set and will declare it as true, no matter, if the addon still exists. I don't know if there can be a performance increasing of the start process if there are valid entries written in only. Kai
  12. yes, I checked the option, and if I use the right click option for collapsing it collapses only one folderlevel to above. You are right, maybe there are too many nested folders. by hand I can collapse the folders totally. But take time, it's not so important 😉. Kai
  13. Thank you Bad_T, I'll show two pictures what I mean, the first one is that I'd like to have but maybe it is not possible to do: Furthermore I'd like to see the possibilty to select more than one preset
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