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  1. Good morning, I noticed this massive impact of frames especially in ORBX TEGBS. Identical settings like in 4.4, I have had diashows with the default Piper. But the most remarkable thing is the amount of VRAM that is needed now: in 4.4 I have about 7.2GB VRAM in use, in 4.5 10.4-10.7GB. From 11GB as max. capacity. So I have had several CTD's with an erromessage concerning the graphic card. In other region like TENL or normal openLC xyz the frames are okay, but not better than in 4.4. I went back to 4.4 until I have clarification about this enormous need for VRAM; I like TEGBS too much! Kai
  2. I'll try it without PTA. Kai
  3. No, not tomato. Only an included PTA preset via RexSkyForce. Kai
  4. hello, since P3D 4.x I have anomalies with some liveries for the NGX. There are Airberlin, Alaska, AA, UA e.g. SAS as example and others are okay. The textures becomes invert - black after a couple of seconds. Sometimes they will become normal during flight but not everytime, sometimes not. It will be seeing during the menu for aircraftchoosing already. Even a fresh installation of these liveries was not successfull. IProbably there is a relation between DR on or off in P3D: Sometimes the error disappears after triggering the DR-slider between off and high. Usually I have it set to high. All other planes are working without this error, the 777, the 747 and all others; just these three our four liveries... I know, I can left them behind but a real solution would be better I think. Maybe someone knows this problem and can help? Kai
  5. I have the following situation: Night, airport with DL (Madrid e.g.) and nearly 100% GPU load. I've got a 1080ti and a I7 8700k at 5.2Ghz. The antialiasing setting is 8xMSAA. This means a nearly fluid simming in the night but the autogen lights are shimmering in the distance. So I'd like to know (if anybody knows of course) an RTX 2080ti would be able to decrease the GPU-load or even better if I would be able to set AA to 4-8SSAA? Cheers,Kai
  6. The Queen is back again, in her full beauty; for me too. I did a freh P3D-installation, with hotfix and the EMT is banned from my HD now. Thanks for your inputs! Kai
  7. Yes, the same for me like with Ken. I can see the interieur of the cabin, so as if the planetextur is translucent. But with all liveries, house and third-party. Just did a repairinstallation of P3D but with no success. I'll wait for the hotfix too before I decide to set up the sim again. Kai
  8. Thanks for your opinion, I'll try a ticket. I can't agree with you; the T7 works without any problems.. Kai
  9. Yes, but only for the time when it is enabled. I checked the registry, folders like programdata and appdata-roaming: everything is clean. I can verify this very good with FTX central: is EMT enabled, I can choose between four sims (three faked sims in this case). I never used them of course! Disabling EMT let these entries vanish; FTXC starts directely to its main UI, because there is one sim only present.. The words from Ken are very interesting. In the beginning my Queen was out of errors too. It is not unlikely that these livery-errors were coming after the fix played in by the OC. P.S. I just remembered when I installed the Queen the first time in P3Dv4 it was side by side installed with V3; I set the point in the two sims for installing. P3Dv3 is deinstalled now. Kai
  10. Yes, I used the Estonia migration tool, but only for some sceneries. For aircraft installation I switched back to P3Dv4 of course. Not sure, if there is some influence and only for the 747? By the way: after showimg this picture above I rebooted the PC and started the sim again. Now it looks different; there is no texture at all around the aircraft! Kai
  11. hello, the whole day I set up my new P3Dv4. In the evening I wanted to start a leg with the Queen and what happens? All liveries are damaged, even the PMDG-houses. I deinstalled the Queen and installed it again but nothing changed. The T7 looks amazingly, everything is fine there; only the Queen What can I do now; do I have to start a ticket now? Kai By the way, this "livery" is unique I believe.
  12. hello, after installing Tegel X I recognized that I have zero AI-traffic there. I've seen that in all three Berlin-ports (EDDB, EDDI and EDDT) there is no AI-traffic at all. Only cars on the roads. In other airports traffic is well to be seen. I 've installed ORBX base, openLC, vector, Megaairport Berlin-Brandenburg, Tegel X, Simmershome airports surrounding Berlin. But even without all of these (stock using) there is no traffic here. There must be a responsible file for AI-traffic Berlin which seems to be excluded. I dond't like to install the whole sim again because I don't even know the reason why and so will be possible to put the error into the new installation again. I use P3Dv3.2. thanks Kai
  13. I think I will do that. Maybe a fresh complete 3.2 will help more than testing with the updated 3.0. cheers, Kai
  14. I use a Gigabyte GAX79 UD3. I read in the manual that the first and the (third?) slot are fully SLI-supported. I also use an Nvidiatool to enable (force) PCI-E 3.0 after installing a new driver. PCIe operates with 100Mhz, only the multiplicator for the CPU is used for overclocking and for RAM I use Corsair-RAM with an XMP-profile. Okay ,the hardware is not the latest but like you said it should not built a bottleneck. In 2.5 SLI works great for me, no comparsion to 3.0. cheers, Kai
  15. Thank you very much Michael and Rob for your quick replies. I'll give it a new chance and try the settings recommended by Rob. Hopefully the settings in NI will help. But I'm not very optimistic, honestly spoken: the recommended settings are higher than these I'm using. For me it is not logical that higher settings make a better performance than lower settings. And even with only one card the sim is very smooth and fluid, so with two cards it should run like a horse. But I'll try it again and then I'll be back here. :wink: Kai
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