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  1. hi therei got 2 questions...how can i get a thumbnail picture like the one from pmdg (which says pmdg in the corner and the aircraft type...is there a file i have missed in the paintkit ?2nd question...can you get me a quick guide on how to get transparent windows ?thanksMarc
  2. the updated file has just been uploaded onto avsim servers, so the one which should be available soon will be the new file already (hopefully)Marc
  3. hithe T over the cockpit is there , but you are right, i missed the one on the tail....there will be an update as soon as it is published hiLuxair has no names for the newer aircrafts....i think you mix it up with cargolux, they have their aircrafts named after luxembourgish cities... ehm...i think you mean marc philippi, he is doing the repaint of the -700 ;)hope you all like my repaint...it was lot s of fun to make it....marc
  4. My first repaint has just been uploaded into avsim's server.... hopefully there is anybody interested in this livery....took me quite long to finish (around 25 hours) as i learned photoshop and gimp on the fly....during the repaint....lots of problems, but i got some help from TJ and Marc, and due to their help i was able to finish the repaint today....any comments or criticsm ??thanksmarc
  5. hi ralfas soon as i manage to download the 700 paint kit, i ll try my luck on that one...but i seem to get an invalid zip.file for the 700paintkit every time i downloaded it today....i ll get you a download link as soon as possible for the 800thanksmarc
  6. Hello allI just made this livery (took me like 8 hours or so...but it is my first repaint)what do you think ?logos and color tones are original ones, as i used the official aircraft livery guide from LUXAIR.i would need some help, as there are 2 things which i can't seem to get right....first thing is the registration number in the flightdeck, i just get a bright-white square with white letters inside, does look funny....second thing.... as you can see on the attached pics, the turquoise part on fuselage texture 3 wraps around the top of the fuselage in a different angle than on the side....do you have any clue how i could change my texture so it looks better?.... i am using adobe photoshop cs5it still does not look like the real one...but i am trying my bestif anybody is interested, i ll upload it...thanksmarc
  7. would anybody be able to do me a 737-700 and -800 in LUXAIR livery ??many thanksmarc
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