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  1. Hey johnny19 i hope you are doing great and i am having the same problem. Ive followed the instruction posted above and i just want to know this ( -Double-click on each to fill name. ) Ive double clicked but it did not fill any name, but i have this step done ( -Create 2 new values ("Edit" -> "New" -> "String value") "RegisteredOwner" and "RegisteredOrganization" ). any trick i should know? thank you. By the way i have just fixed it. All i had to do is to add ( Windows 10 Home ) in the lower space provided before the second click.
  2. Hi guys. I wish you are all doing great and I just need a help on how to make registration visible in the wing area. I am not very familiar with the alpha channel thing, but if anyone of you can specify step by step then I would be able to follow the instructions. Please help meeeee...... Thanks.
  3. HI I just need to fix some problems. this two paragraphs i didn't clearly undestand. its from the pmdg 748i expansion pack paint kit pdf. ( Should you decide to blank off some of the windows of the fuse make sure to also 'fill in' the matching window on the alpha layer. You'll also have to blank off these same windows on the RGB and alpha layers of the PMDG_748i_spec file. i got lost here. Do not blank off any of the windows between the first and second door of the fuse. Doing so will cause these blanked off windows to magically reappear when you enable the landing lights and the landing light fuse splash washes over that part of your art. Due to limitations of FSX and the method we use to light the cabin windows you will end up with dark windows appearing where you blanked them off. This is not a bug but a limit of the sim. ) i did blank some windows as you can see and i matched all the fuselage the way the pdf tells and before i saved the file i hided the blank match fuselage as the pdf tells.. i have used the same paintkit before and i had no problems and i didnt even blanked any windows but it was good. thes is what is happening now: windows that i blanked appear white, tail logo light during night i cant see the tail logo because is too bright. but when its off no problem. i have discovered in DTXbmp that my saved file is different from the original pmdg file. this is the pictures and i really need your help master. I am just a rookie, but i am having lots of fun. Thanks in advance. http://s323.photobucket.com/user/dta005/media/Untitled123_zpspxqb61xi.png.html http://s323.photobucket.com/user/dta005/media/Untitled_zpspeeauurv.png.html http://s323.photobucket.com/user/dta005/media/Untitled1_zpsevouvvp0.png.html
  4. Thank you for bringing TAAG. That is the one of the most beautiful repaint.
  5. Hi I need help on how to save the files after painting. I use photoshop cc and dxtbmp. I have painted the ejets 170 but it shows all black is fsx. In photoshop I saved as targa and in dxtbmp I flipped and alpha and save as / dds texture / dds1 no alpha. When I loaded in the fsx it shows all black. I have clue on how to add in the aircraft.cfg file in the fsx. The same process I need help in wilco airbus vol2 and milviz 737-200. Milviz 737-200 it shows the repaint but the cockpit is all black. Please help me. I am so excited that I am starting to paint and that I can also use photoshop for other issues. Please help. Thank you.
  6. Hy everyone i hope you are all doing great. I would this urgent request from one of the painted that can help. On this coming friday Boeing will deliver another new 777-300Er for TAAG Angolan Airlines. As usually i like to simulate the real live flights deliveries. So my request is for the repaint for Captain Sim 777-300Er Taag repaint. The departure will be scheduled between 9am to 3pm Seattle or US western time. TAAG is home based in Luanda , Angola FNLU. This is a pic when they were testing the aircraft. https://www.flickr.com/photos/spunker3/14008890506/ here is ready. http://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/398560/d2-tei-taag-angola-airlines-boeing-777-300er/ http://paineairport.com/kpae10359.htm http://www.airliners.net/photo/TAAG-Angola-Airlines/Boeing-777-3M2-ER/2444355/&sid=13e2cbbe62992ce68f01670ffce68ac9 http://flickrhivemind.net/Tags/d2tei/Recent If you can do so here is some tips i already know to reduce your workload. 1 country flags looks at the same position. 2 the side ( Angola Airlines ) wing registration on top, and ( Linhas aereas de angola) wing registration bottom. 3 Nose nickname ( EBO ) check printed directions. 4 the ( TAAG logos by the engines the are printed in four sides ) outside logo is opposite the inside logo. 5 Nose wheel door logos and their printed directions. 6 The websites printed on the back of the fuselage. both sides 7 BOEING print after the last door on the back of the fuselage. 8 Angola Airlines - the LA printed on the second door and check on the other side in Portuguese the way its printed on the door. 9 ANGOLA - bottom fuselage. 10 Tail logo same direction. My contact is aguinaldomota1 at skype or motaaguinaldo@hotmail.com. Please help. Thank you.
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