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  1. Intersection departures is very common for 121 operators on a variety of airports.
  2. Actually even before that, at the VDP you don’t see the runway you most definitely will be doing a go around at the MAP. Agreed, just splitting hairs here.
  3. Not very familiar with the 777, but the MDA is not your decision point (proper name “missed approach point”) on an RNAV(GPS) with an MDA, approach with LNAV minimums. The MAP is the end of the runway unless otherwise specified. That being said, if a calculated vertical path by the FMS is flown, the MDA and MAP will mostly likely be reached at the same time. This is the easiest way of doing these type of approaches. The approach can also be flown with any other vertical mode such as vertical speed, in such cases the aircraft will have to be leveled off at MDA, which is not your decision point. In reality, in a non-precision straight-in approach such as this one, the VDP is really the key. Once the VDP is reached and a landing can’t be made, seeing the runway later at the MAP leveled at MDA will not allow a stabilized approach. And of course, LNAV/VNAV or LPV both have DA, decision altitudes
  4. ^^^^^^^^^ Exactly, is part of the reason of the enhanced capability.
  5. You could fly at 300 kt or higher and still have plenty of bug problems, I see it first hand all the time. That being said, not sure I would spend time trying to simulate this....
  6. Have you check in the manuals. Is your power, takeoff weight, and CG within the normal envelope? If so, then for a given correct trim value the aircraft shouldn’t rotate this way. If not, then there is your answer.
  7. It’s interesting how Boeing created this logic preventing APU inflight starts on the 748. Most airplanes will either have a restriction or limitation written in the manuals, but it could still be started.
  8. Not sure how familiar you are with 121 Ops, but some airlines use 8.5 x 11 and thousands of these are printed daily. So you might chuckle quite a bit.
  9. Most airlines still print releases, however some are already transitioning to EFB releases. That being said, printers are still heavily used by most if not all airlines throughout the flight. If the point is to be close to realism, this would be a nice capability to have.
  10. Exactly, some will like it, some will not. Some use the Sim for procedures training or IFR practice and some use the Sim to get as real as it gets, including something like GFO. I personally won’t use GFO, but I can definitely understand why some will.
  11. The flaw here is that we all can use different checklists, just like every dofferent airline does. The panel state left by person x is going to be different depending of the checklist being used. Unlike an airline where everyone uses the same checklist so there is a level of expectancy of where every switch should be.
  12. Not sure how much would I use it. Wait and see.... Hopefully there will be a new aircraft in the works after the 747-8.
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