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  1. Hello, I have a persistent problem with P3DV4 loading (ceasing to render the sim, going to the initial loading screen with the background sound of the aeroplane playing) whilst in cruise. Seems to get stuck at the 29% loading phase, which is the AI traffic section if that assists in any way. So far I have only had it occur with the PMDG 747, but I have not used any other aircraft to know if it is particular to that model. Anyone have any suggestions on how to rectify? Thanks!
  2. To add even more legitimacy to our claims, below is a recent article posted on AirDailyX with regards to MilViz upgrade fees for P3D V4. I've highlighted the most pertinent points: "Perhaps the best news in relation to the advent of P3Dv4 is the notion that nearly all developers would be releasing compatibility updates to to the new platform free of charge. MilViz has instituted an upgrade charge of $5 per addon and has decided to reverse the decision announcing that those who paid for the upgrade will receive refunds. Here's the statement from MilViz: "Dear Clients, Regarding the upgrade to v4. In hindsight it is clear that charging our valued third party vendor customers $5 to upgrade was a mistake; a mistake we would like to rectify as soon as possible. We are therefore arranging to refund your $5 and offer all existing owners the upgrade gratis from now on. We unreservedly apologise for the inconvenience. Best wishes - Milviz"" (link to article - http://www.airdailyx.net/fsnewsbreaker/2017/7/6/milviz-reverses-compulsory-charge-on-v4-upgrades) So here we have a company reversing its decision of a mandatory $5 install fee (which I would consider to be a reasonable upgrade fee). Yet, we've heard nothing from Bryan York. I've linked him this forum. We've all posted in the FS2CREW forum. He is still treating us like fools.
  3. Which is exactly the attitude which justifies this price gouging. I don't care if you bought it. It still does not make it right.
  4. Stefan has completely missed the point and his attitude is reflective of a real nasty streak of elitism that exists within some people in the flight simulation community; If I can afford it, why can't you? You cannot shut down the conversation with an attitude like that because it misses the key point: I have already bought the software. I bought it over a year ago along with the FO voice pack. The issue is that THE UPDATE IS NOT A NEW PRODUCT. It is the same programme which we have all already bought merely recompiled to work in P3D V4. Does this require work on behalf of the developer? Yes. Does this level of work warrant such price gouging? No. The issue is that we are all being taken for a ride by the developer. All our backs are against the wall. We've all grown accustom to using FS2CREW. If there was a legitimate product which replicated what FS2CREW did then this would not be an issue because there would be competition in the market place. There isn't and the developer knows this, and your attitude Stefan is again reflective of his, "if you don't like it, don't buy it" mindset. Tell me, if PMDG can release the products which FS2CREW is reliant upon without a fee, then why can't Bryan?
  5. I too share your frustrations and the sentiment that many others have expressed in the forum post. I shared them in the FS2CREW dedicated forum only for Bryan York to delete them. He also deleted many other posts sharing the same view. It may be a commercial forum, but that has solidified my views on the manner. A private message querying the decision to delete the post was matched with, "Our forum is a technical support forum. If you don't like our pricing, then simply don't buy the product". Well Bryan, I won't be held to ransom simply because there is not any competition in the market. Your pricing is unfair. It is a kick in the teeth to users who have purchased your software. It is absurd and ludicrous. It is wrong and you are wrong on this matter.
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