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  1. I just took my first flight in the amphib cub. Thanks for the update!
  2. Thank you for the updates. I am looking forward to see where this sim goes!
  3. I don't plan on buying the cockpit-less wonders, but...Last night I was flying a Maule around the western mountains of Maui. I noticed the "blue point to player thing" pop up right behind me. The Zero dove on me, and we wound up engaging in a mock dogfight in the canyons. The Zero seemed to have a hard time out-turning me and avoiding mountain sides at the same time. Any time that he wanted to, he could zoom away - and back, but he was not using his far superior speed to his advantage. We circled and circled each other for several minutes before breaking off. Simulation it was not, but it was fun...
  4. I guess I would have understood if the next no-cockpit wonder had been something like an F-16. Sure, most of us would be upset about the lack of cockpit, but at least it would offer the casual gamer some new capabilities (Mach 1+ flight, etc). I would have understood if Flight had released a Zero with cockpit. It might not be my favorite plane, but it would have been an interest to some.A cockpit-less Zero seems to offer nearly nothing that a cockpit-less P-51 doesn't already provide. Who is going to buy this thing?
  5. I bought the A2A cub nearly a month ago now, and probably have about 20 hours (real time) in it. It truly is an amazing simulation of a small yellow aircraft.Does anyone have the FSADDON Super Cub and the A2A Cub? I would be very interested to hear what you think about the Super Cub by FSAddon.