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  1. Sure that PMDG is fixing these issues behind the scenes, the main problem is that they're not changing the build number, which make very difficult to know if an update is ready or not. RSR could tell us what's going on. Sorry my poor english.
  2. Hello guys, I've downloaded new installers an hour ago and I confirm that the problem is completely fixed in -200 but the -300 have only the first section of fuselage fixed, the mid and rear sections still black.
  3. This is true, in DX10 the windows are normal, in DX9 they're all black. I will by thr third time download new installers and check it again. All the reinstall process are made by-the-book.
  4. I never expected so much delay in a so much little detail. They fixed the Coexistence Failure in minutes after some users start reporting the issue. And now that small thing that is really small but very annoying for us is taking too long. Sad.
  5. PMDG just released an update to OC. Fingers crossed for the 777 update pop in few hours. :smile:
  6. I hope so. I only fly PMDG products, I'm perfectionist enough to fly the 777 without transparent windows so my 777 fleet is grounded and I'm currently flying the NGX only, amazing product as well.
  7. Once the fix is released it will appear on Operation Center or I need to periodically check here in the forum for an announcement? Is so sad that this fix is taking to long to came out, PMDG 777 is the very best product out there, but this little problem is driving me crazy kkk. Sorry my poor english.
  8. That problem is really weird because it's something that worked before and it's taking a while to PMDG fix it. At least the aircraft is flyable ane it's only a visual issue. PMDG is aware of this? Anyone openned a support ticket for this?
  9. Same problem here. Additionally I have another problem, when I select the Air Conditioning or Air Start Units they don't appear on the external view, the GPUs shows normally. Anyone can confirm this? Beside these little problems the plane works just fine. Sorry my bad english.
  10. I will download it right now, the product already runs great and I'm crazy to fly it with even greater smoothness. Looks like the main problem is with customers using FSX:SE, as long as I only use FSX Retail should not have any issues. Thanks Dan! Sorry my bad english again
  11. Any news of the installer? I'm not feeling safe to download the new one while some people still reporting issues with the installation detection method. I love so much the product! Sorry my bad english. Greeting from Brazil! Murillo Gumiero
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