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  1. Thanks! I have sent an email request to Sean.
  2. Although RealAir has been out of business for nearly a year now, their re-install process still locks one out if the reinstall key code limit has been exceeded. Hence, it is not possible for me to reinstall one of their products. I have sent several requests to RealAir Support, asking that my key code be reset. None has been returned undelivered, yet I get no response from Rob. Does anyone know how to solve the problem of key code resets, or will I forever be unable to reinstall their excellent P3D Turbine Duke? It seems to me that if support is no longer available then the re-install limits should be removed from their products so that the ones of us who paid for the license can use the product. Any help is appreciated.
  3. I have installed WX Advantage Radar in the Milvitz B55 via latest installer from Milvitz released today. I am running REX Essential Plus OD weather engine. The radar unit is displayed as advertised and integrated into the B55 panel. The radar also pops up via the vehicle/instrument panel/WX advantage command and can be undocked and moved to another monitor. The radar screen activates, range patterns display, and the test pattern function displays properly. However, the unit populates no weather cell data (displays no cloud density or ambient precipitation on the screen ) either on the ground or aloft when tuned to WX or WX/T. See attached bmp. I have followed all instructions in the WX Advantage manual pp 22- pp 29 with no joy. The rescan function seems to have no effect. I am running P3Dv2.5.12946.0 on Windows 7 / 64 and my system specs and graphics card exceed the published requirements. Thanks.
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