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  1. carenado phenom 300 dont update navigraph carenado for all products I sent a ticket to carenado , but they don't sent me a feedback whem I bought it they reported that if we have a navigraph account, we could be able to do that as a paywhered product this is inadmissible inadmissible
  2. you must pay attention, put the cursor right on outer knob, right click and see the knob is pushed, that is the third digit
  3. you must buy GTN 750 , install it, them on F1GTN Config select the King and configure. you will not have a gauge installed, but a stack that can be used normally
  4. you must have an account on navigraph, download the AIRAC cycle for carenado all products , it is an exe file. Run it , that is all. FSX automaticaly makes the update
  5. I just have solved it thanks for eryone
  6. first, you must buy it from flight1.com for FSX or PD3. instal flight1 . You will find the files to install GTN 750 or back to default MFD on Shrike
  7. Hy, everyones knows how to update AIRAC cycle Navigraph exe file puts a Navigraph Carenado folder on FSX root, but starting FSX king air dont update cycle I sent a ticket to carenado, but they dont give me a feedback
  8. Hi Ryan I have a doubt on pg 43 We’re going to increase the altitude to FL140 (14000) feet since we can’t actually fly at the optimal altitude of 13622 feet. We’d normally where to find 13622 altitude
  9. BryanOn MD11 FS2 Crew (FSX SP1 aceleration), ATC stops to work when we start taxing
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