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  1. Hi, Same here, recently got UT Alaska-Canada from Flight1 and vicinity of Vancouver also shuts down my FS. (Just closes). I noted that the Flight1 download UT Alaska and Canada also comes with bit of UT-USA. When I deactivated UT-USA part, Vancouver issue was fixed but the shoreline around Fairchild and Detroit (on US-Canada border) was just squares. Also have deactivated all my add-ons around Vancouver and also tried without AI, still the same the UT shuts down my FS. Cheers Peter
  2. Hi, Unable to download anything from AVSIM library. Security content (restrictions). All of a sudden happened without making any changes to my system. Any clue??
  3. Hi Angelo, forgot to mention that I am using FS2004. I really do not know what you mean by V4? Appologies if I missed something trivial.
  4. Hi, This is actually good news. I have downloaded (MANY THANKS) aim_dc1010_modelbasepack.zip which is described as inferior and inaccurate model design. On top the readme section knocks this file horribly: You have just made the mistake of downloading the AI Malcontent McDonnell Douglas DC10-30. You just made a big mistake! What were you thinking? Have you been drinking or something??? This model sucks. It's the crummiest model by AI Malcontent to date. Do yourself a favor and just exercise the use of your delete key now.The DC10-30 features 11 LODs and absolutely no detail at all. Inside you will find a total of 27 model variations. Who could ever believe there would be so many? In order to pollute your flightsim with this stinkburger, drop all three model folders into your FS Aircraft main folder. You cannot merge the three model folders together. If you do, the world will cease to exist as we know it, and of course the models won't work right. WELL: I would like to tell all that this model with the associated different airlines texture files works GREAT. The aircraft is crystal clear with all the necessary functions working just fine. Perhaps it should not be knocked as above. PS have many years experience in AI aircraft design and scheduling. All the Best. Peter
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