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  1. mariodonick: First of all, thank you for the support and kind words. I guess my point about the FMC was that no flight simulator add on fully simulates its functions and for which there are multiple software versions - one of our technical advisors told me that on the 737NG he flies it has a different software package that has less capabilities than other 737s he knows about. These systems are very complex, so I was unclear about the "100% Boeing like" comment and I wanted to know what you were referring to specifically. As for the SSG 747-8 Series FMC, of course it is based on the UFMC (no point in reinventing the wheel - all FMCs do some standard things); however it is much more advanced than that and fully customized for the 747-8. Here are some examples (although this list is not exhaustive): - Customized fonts and font colors - Full performance tables embedded (rather than a single config file) - Kilo / pound option - Navigraph and Aerosoft full AIRAC data update compatibility, including transitions and approaches - Full integration with autopilot and ND information display - RTE PAGE based on the real 747-8’s, with RTE PAGE 1 and 2 - COST INDEX management fully implemented and customized for the 747-8 - TAKEOFF REF including PAGE 1 and 2 based on the real 747-8’s - Realistic flap settings on the TAKEOFF PAGE based on the real 747-8’s - VNAV PAGES based on the real 747-8’s - NAV RAD page selections are fully integrated into the ND, radios and autopilot - APPROACH PAGE is customized based on the real 747-8’s and allows modified gross weights to check the Vref speeds. - Full integration with ND PLN mode - Info representation on the LEGS PAGE is customized based on the real 747-8’s - Many internal computations have been redone or drastically improved for the SSG 747-8 Series - In the latest version the FMC pop-up can also be resized to twice its original one for clarity (and for people with larger monitors) I can tell you that, in general, when we spot a difference between the real 747-8 FMC and the SSG one (within the features that are implemented), Javier works hard to correct it. The software is simply different and has its own development evolution, it is not tied to the UFMC at all. I hope this helps! - Stekeller SSG
  2. Thank you mariodonick for your review. Certain things stood out in what you said, and one of them is our manuals. Since I write them (shameless plug) I was very pleased that you appreciated our approach. We try to strike a balance between good technical information, with the "look and feel" of the real Boeing manual in the case of the FCOM, along with explanations on how things work from the perspective of your average simmer rather than for a trained and type-rated airline pilot. And you validate our philosophy of ensuring the aircraft is "fun". That is exactly what we are trying to achieve with the 747-8 series so it pleases us immensely to hear you say that. As for the FMC, we try to make it as close to possible to the real 747-8 FMC in terms of pages and layouts, so I am not sure what you mean by not "Boeing like" - it is a bit different from the 747-400 FMC so that might be what you are referring to. And we appreciate the inevitable comparisons with the PMDG 747 (an excellent product) and not all systems are as in depth as you point out, but again it is important to keep in mind that the SSG 747-8 is a simulation of the 747-8, which does have some differences compared to the 747-400. Great screenshots by the way! And thank you too jcomm for your positive feedback. I insist that the aircraft handle well because I like to hand fly it and we will continue to work hard to make it as realistic as possible in that respect. I can tell you that real world 747 pilots and others who have flown the 747 sim give us great feedback on the SSG 747-8's handling, as well as some pointers on what could be improved. As a result, each update has some tweaks and modifications resulting from our test flights. This is one of the areas where X-Plane is so different from other simulators because of the way flight dynamics are simulated and it is always a challenge - one that I enjoy. - Stekeller SSG
  3. Good news! The Freighter has been released with many new features... http://www.supercritical-simulations.com/?p=1685 And the Intercontinental has been updated to incorporate the advances from the Freighter as well. - Stekeller SSG
  4. Thank you for the positive comments, and to those who feel it still needs work please know we will be continuing improvements in all areas (including cockpit textures). Also, we have been releasing some new liveries, including: - Lufthansa Fanhansa - Boeing BBJ Our liveries are always free - and there will be more to come. - Stekeller SSG
  5. The update has been released, and we have a special announcement about pricing... http://www.supercritical-simulations.com/?p=1546
  6. Well, we are continuously improving it. In fact, here is the SP3 (v 1.04) Update List: - All-new cockpit textures - Enhanced external textures and normals - Fixed EEC in cold and dark start mode - Electrical drive disconnect capability added - Improved hydraulic system AUX pump behavior and indications. - Fixed the bleed/pressurization behavior at cold and dark startup - Added advisory regarding the yaw dampers - Working electronic checklist - Enhanced custom autobrake and anti-skid system logic that works well with hardware pedals - Added “UP” indicator for flaps on the PFD speed tape - Added slip/skid indicator to PFD - Changed some light annunciator behavior. - Fixed the traffic interaction with SquawkBox and the ND - Improved ADF display on ND - Improved VNAV, especially on initial climb - Better ND track presentation - Improved fuel consumption calculations - FMC allows cruise level below 10,000 feet - A/T Switch doesn't move down on touchdown during autolands - NOT ON INTERCEPT HDG logic improved - GPS/IRS(3) / or LOC/IRS(3) displayed on ND, as appropriate - External view in replay mode fixed - The word “DELETE” is erased when used on the FMC - FMC messages are deleted just by pressing the CLR key - Updated FCOM and Quick Start Guide manuals Release will probably be in the next few days. - Stekeller SSG
  7. Hi Tom: Well we tried to match what we see in photos of the real thing. I can tell you that it is much less than was shown in some early Boeing renders that depicted 787-like wing flex. On the SSG 747-8, the wing flex is dynamic, so when you taxi on the ground the wingtips bounce up and down a bit. On takeoff there is some flex, and a bit more in turns or climbs when it is subjected to increased "G" forces. On landing the wings flex back down again, just like on the real aircraft. I am not sure if I answered your question or not. - Stekeller SSG
  8. Thanks jcomm and Ayki! I will add that the next update, which should be released very soon (days perhaps) also includes improved external textures and normals. I can say with all modesty (because George Garrido on the team made them, not me) that they are gorgeous! I can't stop looking at them and it really makes the already good 3D model by Ricardo shine. In fact, with the cockpit textures it feels like a whole new aircraft. But perhaps my favorite enhancement is the VNAV behavior that has been extensively reworked by Javier. I think the add-on really flies like the Queen - especially on initial climbout. I think people will be impressed. - Stekeller SSG
  9. Hello All: Lots of great comments here. Thank you! Some screenshots of the upcoming update, including the new cockpit textures have been posted on our Facebook site. https://www.facebook.com/supercriticalsimulations We have also posted a series of tutorials to go from cold and dark to shutdown on the ORG. - Stekeller SSG
  10. Thanks jcomm! And as for airlinejets' comment we did try to get some outside help for the external textures on the 747-8 but it did not work out. I think McPhat does excellent work, no doubt about it. It appears the livery pack market is difficult in the X-Plane world. Plus we have always made our liveries free for all our products. Instead we decided to bring the texturing in house and just work hard to keep improving our skills. The most important thing is that we can make sure everything is ours. If you have specific comments about the "loving" it needs, just let us know. Each update usually includes some small improvements in the textures. I completely agree on flight dynamics, performance, and feel. I am the one on the team who "signs off" on the hand flying characteristics, and we are always tweaking them. But we do have beta testers, some with considerable flying experience who give us feedback as well. It has probably been the most challenging and rewarding aspect of the project, because as you know X-Plane "flies" what you design, so you are constrained by how it handles control surface movement, CG, center of lift, etc. etc. We tried putting in exact parameters from the real aircraft, but it brings some unintended results, so you have to tweak. A lot! But as X-Plane improves and gets more features, this can be refined. We always strive to improve it further. So we understand about the textures, but frankly sometimes we feel like the band that makes great music but gets criticized because our album covers are not as cool. ;-) Still, it is a marketplace and comments regarding "eye candy" are always welcome. We do aim to make our customers happy and attract new ones. That is the only way we can stay in this business. - Stekeller SSG
  11. Glad to see this thread is still alive... More improvements are in the pipeline, yes including those pesky cockpit textures. But there are lots of other enhancements, such as an electronic checklist system, as well as tweaks and changes to certain systems (like the brakes and pneumatics) to try to and get them as accurate as possible. IRSs have been mentioned by several users, but those are not part of this next update. This will be more of a programming challenge because the entire "boot up" sequence of the displays will have to be replicated, and it is a lesser priority because our technical advisor, Capt. Tim told us that in his experience at his airline he never aligned the IRSs. It was exclusively a maintenance function. So we are trying to focus on the pilot and flying the aircraft, rather than more obscure maintenance functions. Our intention was never to create a "study" sim. Yes, some malfunctions and abnormals are simulated, such as engine fires, fuel dumping, etc. but the emphasis is on normal operations and to still permit sim pilots to get in and fly without too much reading of manuals or studying. In fact, you can jump in with engines running on the runway and hand fly it with no FMC programming, which is unrealistic, but lots of fun when you have 15 minutes to spare and just want to get your "fix" in and fly a traffic pattern. With respect to other add-ons being in the same league, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and you will never hear us say anything negative about any other developer's products. We prefer to keep our heads down and focus on what we think will be useful features that are feasible to implement with our talents. I will say that this aircraft does include some innovative features that are visible such as the VSD, and others that are not so visible, such as the fuel temperature logic that was carefully researched and programmed. Maybe we don't broadcast every little enhancement that we implement to get maximum recognition from the community about this or that feature. But rest assured that we work very hard to get the details right. This next update will also have updated manuals (part of my area of responsibility) with more detailed normal procedures to allow for more professional types of operations to be conducted. We also have been working with a loyal and dedicated customer named AJ as he develops his series of video tutorials that he is making available on our forum. This was also something that was actively requested by many users. In closing, we are always open to any constructive suggestions, critiques, recommendations, etc. and thanks for the praise, which is very much appreciated. We have been thrilled at some of the feedback we have gotten from former 747 flight crew who tell us that they feel the add on captures the "feel" of the aircraft, which is an intangible that is so difficult to achieve in any flight sim product and, at least for me, has made all of our efforts worthwhile. - Stekeller SSG
  12. Glad to see this topic! As has been mentioned, I am a huge fan of the 747 (there may be tube liner addicts here but I think my diagnosis is "obsessed" when it comes to the Queen). I was one of the first people to purchase PS1 by Aerowinx back in the 1990s. Ever since then I have dreamed of one day help bring a detailed 747 add-on to the Mac community, and X-Plane has allowed me to do that as part of the excellent SSG/FJCC team. Of course, PC X-Plane users are benefiting as well (I dual boot my Mac with Windows 7 so I am not starting a Mac vs PC war here). So yes, there is a real knowledge base on the 747 on this team, and we have access to great technical information as well as to current and former 747 pilots who help us out. If the textures are not at a level that pleases everyone, that is unfortunate, but the team's focus was on providing a core aircraft that is fun, immersive, and accurate without gestating for too many years. My point of pride is that the plane is fun to hand fly, and I hope it does the real aircraft justice because the 747 is supposed to be a wonderful flying airplane (comments from real 747 pilots to us has been quite positive - I only have 1 hour logged in a 747-300 full motion sim to go by). Rest assured that there will be enhancements and you should know that we are actively working in several areas. System depth is definitely part of that. As Ricardo says, a Freighter version is coming and it will be enhanced further, with those improvements finding their way to the 747-8i as well. And SSG liveries have always been free. Sincerely, - Stekeller SSG
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