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  1. banananav

    Optimize windows 10 for P3D v4

    Thanks Ray Chris PS: I think you’d fit in very well with the BBMF Friday Volunteer Guides Team !
  2. banananav

    Goflight Lgt Ii Compatability

    Hi ScotFliger I uninstalled the GoFlight software and installed a licensed copy of FSUIPC, and got LINDA running again. FSUIPC wouldn't see the LGT II. So I reinstalled the GoFlight software - bingo ! No conflict with LINDA and the LGT II works perfectly. No idea why, but who cares. Thanks for setting me off in the right direction. Chris
  3. banananav

    Goflight Lgt Ii Compatability

    Hi ScotFliger Unfortunately LINDA doesn't recognise the LGT. I'll have a go with FSUIPC Thanks Chris
  4. banananav

    Goflight Lgt Ii Compatability

    I am using LINDA perfectly well with the VRinsight MCP and GoFlight Yoke and TQ6. However, I have just had problems getting the GF LGT II to install - this is not a game controller but a USB HID. When I remove LINDA temporarily (renaming the Linda.config folder) the LGT II installs correctly and works as advertised. This topic does not seem to have come up before. Can anyone please give me a steer in the right direction ? Thanks Chris