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  1. Crewecut

    What is DCS

    Nice read. Will get more into the A-10 this year. Having experienced the level of detail in Black Shark, I wish they one day will do the Apache! Any chance...?
  2. Did you do the correct axis calibration, setting all the values for max deflection in FSUIPC? If so, with sloping and no effect I'm of no more help to you I'm afraid. Have you ever heard of this unit being usefull in FSX? B
  3. Which is the exact hardware you're using for view?B
  4. Great idea! Have to give it a try. Muchas gracias.Bjorn
  5. How about minus 15? I'm at the moment not sure if it's + or - for decreased sensitivity.Bjorn
  6. Make sure you have all controllers calibrated through FSUIPC, and disable controllers in the FSX setup menu.B
  7. You have to set slopes on the axis in FSUIPC, try all the way to 15 and take it from there. It's in the calibration menu.Concider TrackIR if you get the opportunity.Bjorn
  8. Crewecut

    Trackir on client computer

    TIR punishing FPS is probably the panning itself making demands on your cpu/gpu, not the TIR-program itself. But, go ahead and see if you spot a difference, would be very interesting to know.Your RAM seem to be on the slow side, could also be your bottle neck.Bjorn
  9. I had that when I had both yoke and stick plugged, it didn't affect rudder though. Unplugged one of them, and problem went away.B
  10. Sorry for calling you Steve, Shane Was very early...B
  11. No problem, Steve. I've had nothing but trouble with that combination, in all AC. You should make a post on your auto brake issue too, sounds odd, perhaps someone has the solution? ;-)Good luck!B
  12. If you run FSUIPC you must disable controls in FSX, and set up everything in FSUIPC.Bjorn
  13. Try deleting fsx.cfg and let fsx rebuild it. Bjorn
  14. It´ll be in the mail shortly, you should have it by the end of the week.Happy flying!Bjorn