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  1. Thank you Wise87! You are a gentleman! And there are very few of us! 😉 Tony
  2. I run my PMDG Ops Centre v2 and it just comes up with the Notifications page (with "you have no new notifications") but the Aircraft and Liveries as well as the Global Flight Operations are greyed out. I run always "As Administrator". This hasn't happened before. Grateful for any suggestions. Tony Causer
  3. I will answer this one myself! It appears that DCS (Deans Cross) is not recognised in the Saab 340 nav database even though it is definitely in all Navigraph data. I wonder why that is or what other waypoints/VORs are missing? Anyway if it happens to you choose the next waypoint on in your plan and try and insert that. Tony
  4. I took advantage of the latest sale and bought 3 Carenado aircraft. One of which is the Saab 340. I installed the latest AIRAC no problem. I realise the FMC is not the best in the market but I have a basic problem with it. I can enter the departure and arrival airports plus the SIDs and STARs but I can't for the life of me enter any waypoints in between those. So if for instance I fly from Edinburgh to Cardiff I get to TLA then go straight to RETSI (end of SID beginning of STAR). According to the manual you should be able to alter the plan to suit which I supposed meant you can add waypoints but I just don't see how. Tried everything I can see there. Any help gratefully received! Tony
  5. Thanks for the explanation. I am presuming it is why every time I put the scenery in the correct order, run the sim then open the organiser and they are all changed around again with many sceneries put below the FTX sceneries when I placed them above?
  6. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the meaning of this but every time I make a change such as add a new scenery a box comes up when I choose SAVE that asks "Do you want to clear the scenery index". I have assumed from that it means clear all the scenery? If so why would I want to do that every time I make a change?
  7. Kevin I agree that those who do not belong to a decent VA may well find this fills a big hole in their FS "toolbox". I have said on many occasions that this hobby of ours spans a large diversity of people. Some like to join with others and fly, some like to talk to real people online, others don't and like to fly in the privacy of their home joining with nobody. Each are respected in my book and certain of those sectors may well enjoy this product when it arrives. I will look on with interest. Tony
  8. Richard Thank you for your most courteous and informative reply. I am assuming that by ATC you refer to "in game" ATC (sorry for the poor description - best one I could think of) not Vatsim or IVAO online ATC? Again I don't use the "in game" ATC and so it wouldn't be for me but for sure may be for many others. As I said I wish it well. Tony
  9. Kyle Thank you for the history lesson of PMDG and yes I suppose it is obvious as the name implies manuals would have been part of your origins. However your core business these past years when the general community have heard most of you has been high end aircraft thus my conclusions stand. I wish you and the rest of the PMDG team well with your new product as and when it comes to the market. Won't be for me but perhaps for others. One little tip from an old stager and long term businessman. It doesn't always pay to show anger in replying to potential customers. Being nice to those who agree with you and disparaging to those who disagree doesn't always work (other than in politics). Surprisingly it turns many of them off your whole company. Can't for the life of me understand why but people are strange like that aren't they? Tony
  10. I have only just seen this thread when looking to see when the long promised J41 P3D update would be coming. I totally agree with Bill here. PMDG have always been very good (not cheap - but good) at producing exactly the right quality aircraft with sufficient realism yet easy enough for the sim community to fly and love them. Why on earth have they deviated from their core success stories to develop something that will definitely have limited appeal? Most of us that fly with VAs and have the other "bells and whistles" on the market have most of what this product will offer. Is there some other agenda here that we are all missing? Or is this simply a bad call business wise as it would appear on the surface? Whatever the reason we are led to understand that this project is diverting development resource from the other update projects (such as the J41) for which they know there is a defined and waiting market. Very strange.
  11. Alex Apologies I have been busy. Forget the comment what I found was it only appears when you zoom up on that area. I hadn't done that thus the confusion. One of the reasons I have not had the time to reply was a problem I have found trying to use this on the Aerosoft CRJ FMC plans. You do have an FLP option that I thought might work but it doesn't! No probs I will find a way around it. My big problem is I have been used to Flight Sim Commander for many years and now I have turned to using P3D I can't use that tool so its taking a lot of getting used to. Hey ho! Tony
  12. I just noticed when switching on my Little Nav Map that with all airports switched on Newcastle EGNT was missing. Not checked for others.
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