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  1. I see you are using iFlys newly updated 737NG. How do you like it?
  2. Did you clear the shader files before loading?
  3. Same here. Works smoothly without any issues.
  4. Totally agree. As a side, Tropicalsim released an update to their rendition of Porto last week. It looks halfway decent for the price. Why not treat yourself? It appears to come with more than 7 parking spaces too! Life is short…..enjoy it!
  5. I am too. I updated the client, content and scenery to 5.3. But when i went to downgrade back to 5.2, i only found legacy client files on Prepar3ds site, so i was forced to keep the latest files for content and scenery. It all seems to work fine.
  6. You and me both. Hard to believe it’s the end of an era…..but as soon as my favorite developers release my favorite tubeliners for msfs, i am off to greener pastures, no looking back. Until then, 5.2 is perfect for my needs.
  7. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. 5.3 is not viable (for me) in its current iteration - too many performance issues to work out, and with frame rates in the single digits, it was practically unusable. Not to mention I had cockpit texture issues w/ PMDG for some reason - the entire cockpit was black! Fortunately when I reverted the client back to 5.2 performance was restored (cockpit textures too) and I am now back in the skies w/ frame rates in the high 40's. I will sit on the side lines until these issues are sorted.
  8. I just performed my first flight in the maddog and i am sad to say i am experiencing a huge drop in frames. I used to fly around at 40+ fps with most sliders (almost) maxed out and now i can barely break single digits, and that’s at cruise. I’ve played around with graphic settings but haven’t seen any noticeable difference. I’m thinking it’s an issue with the maddog or an another addon. Either way it’s killing me. im running on an intel i9 3.7ghz processor w/ 32gb of ram and an nvidia titan rtx with 32gb vram. My rig should be slaying this thing but for some reason it’s not. Ugh!
  9. yep...this seems to be the answer (for now). Each time before I fire up P3D, i need to tick the "do-nothing" box. Even if its already ticked, i select one of the other variables, apply it, and then re-tick the "do-nothing" box. Its a pain in the word not allowed, especially if you forget to do it before launching P3D - depending on the addon, it can ruin your flightsim experience for that session. there has to be a better way!
  10. I have this same problem…..only at the shorelines……by turning off water detail, are you suggesting to move the water detail slider all the way to the left?
  11. Thanks Sherm…..i will give it try.
  12. Lately I have been experiencing massive stutters/FPS drops when approaching/departing airports near shorelines - my frame rates are fixed at 30fps....when I depart or arrive at an airport near a shoreline, the frames drop massively - actually they yo yo from 30 to 10 to 30 to 15 to 30....it looks like the following: Again, it only happens near shorelines....and only when flying between altitudes of say 2500 feet to 10,000 - once above or below those altitudes, the sim is smooth as butter. Any ideas what can be causing it? My rig looks like this: Intel I9 @ 3.7GHz w/ 32GB RAM, Nvidia TITAN RTX w/ 32GB, and everything is running on solid state drives.
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