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  1. Works like a charm. Thank you for the quick reply! Still getting used to the flows but so far I’m loving the fs2crew for the fslabs airbus. Thank you for your continued foresight and hard work in developing these amazing tools for FlightSim!
  2. The tutorial says "do not skip" the approach brief....it puts fs2crew into descent mode. This makes sense for voice control, but how do I get fs2crew into descent mode when using button control?
  3. Ben Your sim footage from the flightdeck always looks and feels so real - you have a knack for setting everything just right......the shakiness on the ground and in the air is uncanny.....its perfect and dramatically improves the immersion factor. I am curious - which camera addon are you using? Chaseplane? Or EZ-Dok? And, would you be so kind to share your profiles with us? You are the best. And your products are fantastic. Really looking forward to the airbus training series. Cant wait to hear from you! ZK
  4. zkerr8

    Button Control and FA

    Good to know. Thanks for the quick reply. Hope sales on the button control reboot are doing well. Can’t survive without my fs2crew addons but I’m not sure I’m a candidate for the voice control option! Button control is my jam. Keep up the great work!
  5. Hi With other FS2Crew button control products, pressing the FA button opens a dialog box with a list of prerecorded options. But this doesn't seem to happen in the maddog reboot. The FA asks if he can help me, but I have no way of answering him. Am I missing something? Also, i know the manual says there are no prerecorded options for the PA.....but I wasn't sure if it was referring to the voice control, or button control product. Can you confirm there are no PA announcements as well? Thanks in advance. I really appreciate your decision to offer this product in the button control format....and promise to buy all future button control packages you offer. Loving my maddox reboot....and the button control!
  6. I too have the same problem with the latest windows security update (KB4041676). Its the same exact problem as before...with the same symptoms....and the same end result (CTD just after the scenario loads) uninstalling and blocking the update seems to fix it. Its becoming quite tedious fighting these windows updates every month. I may have to move over to P3D V4 sooner than expected if this continues!
  7. This morning I was greeted with another MS windows 10 update....which resulted in a CTD just after the scenario loaded. I am running P3D V3.4 (my app crash report is linked below if anyone is interested). This is the second month in a row where a forced update has crashed my sim. Last month it was security update KB4038788; this time around its security update KB4041676. I uninstalled the update and disabled it from future installs which appears to have fixed the problem for the short term. Just wish there was a better solution than avoiding updates. I'm curious to see if anyone else has experienced this issue? And if anyone has a better solution (other than upgrading to P3D V4.1)? https://www.dropbox.com/s/bcnoy9mgume4je9/appcrash_p3D.txt?dl=0
  8. I had the same problem with P3Dv3. Uninstalling (and blocking) the windows update appears to be the fix. You guys saved me countless hours of aggravation trying to problem solve this beast. Thanks to everyone on this forum for chipping in and sharing their experiences! I would have gone mad without you!
  9. Love the "NGX Geek Out Facts" text doc that is included in the 'PMDG_737_8900_P3D.ZIP' file. I'm guessing its been there since the beginning?...not sure how I missed it until now! Great job with the conversion guys.....and to quote Bobby R....I'm gonna..."Touch wood, fingers crossed, shake lucky rabbit foot..."....that the J41 makes its way to P3D. Keep up the amazing work! You guys are the best.
  10. I am using CHaseplane V2.121 with P3DV4 and I am finding it very unreliable. Anytime I use the middle mouse button to look around Chaseplane crashes. Additionally, anytime I access the chaseplane app by moving the focus from P3D to chaseplane, the app freezes and locks access to the program. Interestingly, the camera definitions continue to work in P3D....although I am limited to the saved presets only. I cant make any further changes since chaseplane is no longer accessible. Its very eratic....and I struggling to complete a flight. Even if I restart the app, I have the same exact problems. Its infuriating. Any advice?
  11. Alfamike......any chance of formal release anytime soon?
  12. zkerr8

    Damaged panel

    I don't think you can open the main panel (shift+1) as a pop up from the VC. The other 2D popups should work fine....just not the main panel (I think this has some thing to do with the gauge programming...but what the heck do I know?). If you insist on using the 2D main panel view, you will need to configure FSX to load the aircraft in the 2D panel view only and not into the VC. From here, you can use F9 to access the VC......and F10 to return to the main panel view. Good luck!
  13. zkerr8

    PMDG 737 NGX spoiler animation - setting

    My pleasure.....happy to help!
  14. zkerr8

    No idle/full thrust

    This may be a really stupid question....but did you check to see if any controls/keys are conflicting with each other? Sometimes this can happens if you have multiple devices connected to the sim. Also.... check your button assignments in FSUIPC....it's possible a key/button is conflicting with an existing assignment in FSX. Just a thought..... Lastly.....don't forget to calibrate calibrate calibrate!
  15. zkerr8

    Loadmanager doesn´t work

    Do you the Windows UAC turned off? Sometimes it runs havoc with FSX and the .exe file. By the way...it's been a while since I've used my MD11, but I think you can load the aircraft using the MCDU (same as the NGX). Just saying.....as a work around this may be a practical solution until you figure out the root of your load manager probs.