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  1. Hello My Falcon crashed p3D, because of the Milviz radar which is not compatible with version 4.4 of P3D is there a radar update? regards Marty
  2. Can not register the 737NGX in P3D every time I select the 737 I have P3d that stops working and I can not enter my activation key, despite the antivirus disabled Help me please thank Reg Marty
  3. After AIRAC 1712 V1 updated everything works now Thank you all for your precious help Marty
  4. Hello scandinavian13, I have already uninstalled the 737 PMDG re-downloaded to my account and reinstalled with the antivirus and firewall turned off. And I also installed the AIRAC 1712 before using the 737. In my operations center there is no update. I used the 747-400 PMDG after thinking that the problem could come from the AIRAC 1712 but it works very well, it concerns only the 737 NGX. Voila for news yet thank you Regards Marty
  5. Hello, When programming the flight for a YPPH departure to YMML I click on co route my flight plan appears well I validate then I click DEP ARR to enter my departure but I have no proposed track nor SID, and in the Crashpad I have this message: LN: 353 ERR AT GATES Can you help me Thank you
  6. I also installed the latest driver for my graphics card, but the problem still persists. Yesterday I uninstalled the client.msi to deliver the old one and I was able to fly.
  7. Yes I use the SLI, I will like the disabled but I do not know how to do.
  8. me too, After installing the client P3D I have the text that flash as well as the sky, I have to call a window of my PMDG and I place it on the second screen so that it stops flashing. I also wanted to load a recorded flight from my 737 PMDG and when I found myself in the parking all my tabs on the P3D toolbar are inactive. Third I lost a flight after an hour with a message telling me that my GTX TITAN Z graphics card will stop. I have an update of my graphics card but the problems persist. Also when I load P3D with PMDG loading of P3D is done up to 100% with loading complete! But the screen remains there. Do you have a solution to these problems by thanking you Marty
  9. Thank you very much oe_tsa !Best regardsMarty
  10. Hello!Could you tell me how I can remove the letters PMDG on my MD11 repaint, located above the fuselage? Must be protected from PMDG.Thank you !Marty
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