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  1. The value is set to False Ali Hoteit
  2. Hi, Thank you for your fast response. I opened the camera.cfg and I found the intialzoom for both cockpit and VC to be = 1.0, although it is really 0.3 when I load the aircraft. am I missing something here? Ali Hoteit
  3. Hello, I would like to use the 0.5 Zoom as default zoom for the 2D panel. If i zoom manually, the aircraft looks like it's pointing down. How could I fix this? Ali Hoteit
  4. fantastic, thanks guys. Ali Hoteit
  5. That is true, it is a mountainous region, however I find it odd that in a radius of 320 nm, the highest elevation is flat at 14300 almost everywhere. When I used it in V3, it was not like that at all, it was much more reasonable with red peaks, yellow, and green shades around them. Ali Hoteit
  6. http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t16/ali1233/New Bitmap Image.jpg Here you go guys, It seems to me that the terrain elevation is displayed wrong (all red) Ali Hoteit
  7. Hello everyone, I just did a flight from Vancouver to Toronto using the 777-300 and I believe there's an issue with the terrain radar because the terrain isn't displayed properly on the ND. Can anyone try this and confirm? i'm using p3d v4 by the way. Ali Hoteit
  8. Hello everyone, I've been trying to open the documentation found in the operations center for the 777 to do some reading, but whenever I click on the PDF file, nothing opens. I couldn't find a solution anywhere for it. Has anyone experienced this before? Ali Hoteit
  9. Hello all, can someone share with me how they installed a 530 or 430 on the alabeo piper aztec, if they have it? i don't know how to do it. Much appreciated. It works with me when i installed it on the Default baron but no on the aztec :/ Ali Hoteit
  10. I tried that in the options menu, removing the text info. I still cannot hear. The sound inside and outside is the same.
  11. I cannot find "HideInfoText" in P3D.cfg, all i can see is "ShowInfoText=1"...i looked everywhere, i couldnt find it.
  12. I don't believe it's just the turbulence that is the problem. I was doing a flight from CYUL to CYVR yesterday with the 777-300. I was on ILS26R approach. When It captured the glideslope, it dove down like there's no tomorrow. My speed was 170-180 KIAS and flaps 15 at about 3000 ft asl and 10.0 dme from the rwy. I used flaps 20 right away but it kept diving and diving and was about to exceed the VFE next speed. Not only that, even with all that diving, I was way above the glide path and I had to go around. Winds were steady headwind about 10kts with no turbulence. I have ASN as well. Ali Hoteit
  13. Not only that. Many times, my airspeed was higher than then the selected one, and thrust doesn't seem to want to reduce. This happens especially on final approach after capturing the glideslope. I have to put the throttle to idle or it will exceed VFE next. Ali Hoteit
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