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  1. Vimeo Downloader works 100%
  2. Hi Cheryl, I got it working. Your reply gave me a clue. I didn't know where the CycleHidden parameter was located but found it and noted there was no opusFSX External definition in the camera.cfg file. Anyway I copied and pasted from the server, deleted all the incorrect external client views and I have been able to create a couple of airplane views and save them. I am sure you're right about the permissions etc but all settings look correct. They are not exactly difficult to check! If ever get to the bottom of it I'll let you know in case it crops up in the future. Thanks again, Roger
  3. Hi cheryl, I can affirm sharing and permissions were set up correctly for both Drive C and "sim" which the install directory for FSX on the client. I will not waste any more of your time on this. I'll have to accept the feature does not work on my system for some unknown reason. Anyway thanks again for your help, Regards, Roger
  4. Hi Cheryl, Thanks for your reply. I never see any view other than Cockpit unless I cycle using the S key. The Custem View OpusFSX External View I do not get on the Client. If I carry out the procedure on the Server all is fine. If I delete both client CAM files from the Server and Client to start from scratch, as soon as I select the client computer system, the view jumps to cockpit view 2D. Even when I then select Airplane and add camera it stays in cockpit 2d view. I'm aware it's me that's missing something but I cannot figure it out. I am not a PC novice. To answer your specific questions: I am not using window views anywhere I have assigned a key to the view and have tried default and no default modes I am not getting the custom opusFSX external view on the client ever, I have the same aircraft on both client and server and have allocated the camera to them. Perhaps my aircraft.cfg files are messed up? Regards, Roger
  5. Unfortunately I was premature, The weather is working perfectly on both systems. I still cannot get the Airplane view to work on a client. I change the "computer system" to the client on the Server, select the planes to apply the settings to. I select the Airplane radio button and "add new camera". What happens is the red info message top right in FSX always flashes up cockpit view, hence my problem. The Client CAM file transfers ok. I must have missed something but I am at a loss. I have checked sharing/advanced sharing permissions for the whole drive, FSX install folder, and opusFSX on both Server and Client. I guess I can't see the wood from the trees! Regards, Roger
  6. Cheryl and Stephen, As you both suggested, the problem related to sharing/ permissions. As soon as I shared the whole drive where OpusFSX Server was installed, the weather on the client updated correctly. Thank you both for an excellent product and great support. Roger
  7. Hi Cheryl, I didn't expect a support response on a Sunday! Amazing and thank you. The CAM file now transfers. I had a client crash and the share on drive C didn't stick. I re applied the share and that fixed the problem. The weather update on the client, I'm still in the dark! Must be something I'm missing but what I dont know. I have set the FSX weather to clear skys as recommmended. The Airplane view on the client I think is a misunderstanding on my part. I expected to see a view of the plane in the same way as is possible on the Server PC. What I get, (on the runway), is a shadow of the aircraft. I guess the pilot's view. Am I correct? The settings you suggested I had already implemented Once again thanks for your help, Roger
  8. Hi all, A fantastic programme but I am having some problems which are client related. 1 should I get weather on the client pc's? I have the client/server connection established. 2 this has come up before, I am unable to copy the client CAM file over. I can do it manually and have triple checked permissions. I have also shared the whole of drive c 3. I can't get aircraft view to work on the clients. I always get a cockpit view. Any help would be much appreciated Roger
  9. Well thanks Andy, you are absolutely right! For anyone with a Touch Screen Sony, it is not enough to simply turn the facility off. The driver as Andy said must be disabled. On my system: go to Device Manager and look for "NextWindows 1950 Touch Screen" under Human Interface Devices. Right click and disable. Thanks once again.
  10. Was this ever resolved? I have the same problem. Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit running on a Sony "All-in-One". I have tried turning off Touch an Pen to no avail. I have run out of ideas! Any help gratefully received!
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