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  1. Just want to say "Thanks" for being here whenever I need 'Help' and to wish everyone a Safe + Happy Holiday !
  2. I think I figured this out.... My P3D v3.3 was installed in my D:\ drive. When the P3D client did the upgrade, it apparently changed + updated the P3D file located in the C:\ drive and changed the path to open that file. Since none of my addon aircraft were in that file, they weren't recognized. Freakin' weird !!! So, I moved my addon aircraft over to C:\Lockheed Martin\ P3D, then changed the sim objects .cfg file path and now it's working. Looks like I'll have to merge the rest of my D:\ P3D files with C:\ P3D (Orbx scenery etc.) and then delete the D:\P3D file. Now I also understand why ORBX Direct was saying that none of my Orbx scenery was loaded. That file was in D:\P3D, not in C:\P3D. I think I'm going to have a look at X-Plane 11. LOL
  3. What should the "Path" be ? (My P3D is located on D:/, not C:/) [Entry.0] Title=Default Airplanes Path=SimObjects\Airplanes Required=True Active=True [Entry.1] Title=Default Avatars Path=SimObjects\Avatars Required=True Active=True [Entry.2] Title=Default Rotorcraft Path=SimObjects\Rotorcraft Required=True Active=True [Entry.3] Title=Default Ground Vehicles Path=SimObjects\GroundVehicles Required=True Active=True [Entry.4] Title=Default Boats Path=SimObjects\Boats Required=True Active=True [Entry.5] Title=Default Animals Path=SimObjects\Animals Required=True Active=True [Entry.6] Title=Default Misc Path=SimObjects\Misc Required=True Active=True [Entry.7] Title=Default Submersible Path=SimObjects\Submersible Required=True Active=True [Entry.8] Title=Default Weapons Path=SimObjects\Weapons Required=True Active=True [Entry.9] Title=Default Countermeasures Path=SimObjects\Countermeasures Required=True Active=True
  4. Hi Elaine No, that didn't work ! FYI, I had already tried deleting the whole: Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► you ► AppData ► Roaming ►Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 file and let it rebuild, without success.
  5. I finally got around to updating P3D v3 to V 3.49 and now none of my add-on aircraft are displayed with a "Failed to Initialize, visualization only" indication. Can't seem to find a solution anywhere. I tried deleting the C:/program data\ Lockheed Martin\P3Dv3 folder and let it rebuild. Still no addon aircraft. Any thoughts/solutions would be appreciated. Rick
  6. Interesting video from Frooglesim ! I am a real world pilot and use my 'very' expensive flight sim set-up to practice with... all I can say is that the yoke I got did NOT have the Pitch axis precision that he speaks of, especially on precision approaches and landing. Perhaps I got a defective and/or damaged unit ? I agree with all his comments regarding the switches; but he doesn't mention that it is 'very' front heavy and comes equipped with stick on velcro material to hold down the back end (opposite to the yoke wheel) Unfortunately no one has done a detailed comparison to the PFC or other similar products, including taking the covers off to show the inner workings ? Having had both now, In my humble opinion, the PFC yoke is less expensive (depending on the model chosen) and a much better product. GREAT support + service from GoFlight though !!!!!!! P.S. Totally agree "Blaze" about Hall Sensors !
  7. I have a PFC yoke and pedals, but they're starting to show their age, so, rather than sending my PFC stuff in for a refurb, @ $450 + shipping; I bought one of these as an Xmas present for 'Moi' (on sale @ $599.99 + shipping + US exchange) I already have (6) GF Modules and a TQ6. All are excellent and work great ! Not sure if my yoke was 'defective' or not, but I found that trying to input precise pitch control with one hand was impossible due to the yoke column binding + sticking on the front bushing. Roll input was smooth and precise. In my humble opinion, the yoke control wheel is very front-heavy and I think that is what was causing it to 'bind' in the bushing on pitch input. (if I used both hands, and lifted it slightly it was fine) In comparison, my PFC is as smooth as 'Butter' on all axis. I contacted GoFlight and the guys were great to deal with. They let me return it and provided a full refund (minus shipping of course) Great Service ! But... just wish it would have worked better for me and saved me $200+ in shipping and credit card exchange rates from US to Can. dollars. Live and Learn... Ce La Vie ! Rick / Canada
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