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  1. It is better than the Virtualcol ones though, right? I was looking at some pictures of both models and the real thing, feelThere seems to be much more realistic. What would be the shortcomings of the feelThere model in your opinion? Great! Thanks for the input!
  2. Hello All So I was looking through Wilco's website today, and I saw that the E-Jets v1, the Embraer 170 and 190, were on sale. However, I'm not quite sure if it's compatible with Windows 10 because there was a spreadsheet on the Wilco website (link below) which claimed it was not compatible with Win10 and FSX-SE. I will NOT be running FSX-SE, so I don't know if will still work with regular FSX. Let me know what y'all think. Link to Spreadsheet: https://freedownload.s3.amazonaws.com/W8_1.pdf Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I apologize for not posting anything sooner, but I had some internet issues. So, back to my problem, what did was I mipped most of my AI that fly in the US. It took so long, but at least the FPS were a little better. I even did a flight from YUL to LGA, and I can say that 95% of that flight had at least 20 FPS, which is good enough considering my computer. However, that approach on to LGA was a killer...that killed my FPS, but there was a lot of AI flyin' around, and NYC terrain is always tough on frames. I'll keep testing out other airports, and see what happens. Once again, thank you all so very much for helping! ndoynov
  4. Hey Mel! So I just put my AI at 0 and went on to Newark, and I had around 15-20 FPS, which is good enough. It must be the AI. Now, I'll just go and see if I find some errors in my AI for the US . I'll keep this page updated... Thanks for all the help, ndoynov
  5. Ok, so, the AFCADs that I have are add on (downloaded from avsim library), I have no terrain addons, no land class, absolutely no addons regarding the terrain in any part of the world. I tried going to the US with a plane that ran excellent in Europe, and the FPS is still bad. The fps are as low as 2-3 FPS right when FS finishes loading. They stay that way while I'm on the ground (I didn't even take off, because it stutters real bad). Now, I'll try to kill the AI and see what happens. I'm thinking its probably a bad AI texture. I use the WOAI by the way, as well as some of which I manually installed. My CPU is 2.2 GHz Intel Celeron, 2 GB of RAM, and graphics card is a Intel G41 Express Chipset. I know, I know, not the best machine out there, but it seems to do just fine in Europe. I'll keep you updated on what happens. Also, the FS settings are all on Normal. Thanks, ndoynov
  6. Hello fellow simmers, So after flying in Europe and South America for a while, I decided to start flying in the US. However, I noticed that my framerates dropped significantly when I fly in US cities ONLY. Now, I know that US airports have lots of AI, and that US cities are big and have a lot of autogen, but this is something that I experience only in the US. I have flown into and out of Heathrow, for example, with the UK2000 scenery, and have managed to do around 20 FPS (my max frame rates, considering I don't have a stronger graphics card; I'm happy with 20 FPS). I've flown to places like Rome, Milan, Paris CDG, Frankfurt, all with detailed addon sceneries and have managed 20 FPS. But, I load Boston with a freeware scenery, and I get like 6 FPS! Even worse, I load New York La Guardia with an AFCAD ONLY, and I get like 2-3 FPS in all views! First, I thought that maybe because NY is huge its slowing my computer. So, I chose Detroit, a much smaller airport and city with an AFCAD only, and I still get like 5 FPS! I don't understand...I've done all tweaks that I've seen, I run Autogen on Normal (it was on Very Dense in Europe) and most other settings, traffic is reduced to 70%, I have FS9 V9.1 (updated), I updated drivers, I switched the Autogen xml file, tried the renaming technique, and nothing! Still the same crappy FPS. I'm surprised. I've flown everywhere, but in the US. Even Canada works excellent! I tried Toronto- Pearson with and AFCAD only, and I got a decent 15 FPS. Let me know what you guys think, and if you need more info, please ask. Thanks for reading!
  7. Can someone please make a Air Berlin 737 in the new colours for moach 737? Prefferably with winglets..Thanks in advance!
  8. Happened to me too! I was at SFO, and waiting to take off when this bloody Delta jet refused to turn from the runway, after it landed.
  9. Hello! So today I was flying the easyJet flight from Glasgow to Bristol, and something peculiar happened. I took off with my A319 and ATC told me to "turn left to heading 235". I did that and continued flying. After a while, I got to my cruising altitude, and was still on the west bound heading of 235. If you know geography, you would know that my west bound course led me to the Irish Channel. Then turned south, which was not an ATC order, but then they told me to "expedite right turn to 235" and I followed. I got all the way to the shores of Northern Ireland, until I decided to do a sharp left turn back to my flightplan course. ATC kept on telling me to "expedite my right turn to heading 235" but I didn't do that because if I were to keep going I'd reach Belfast and even further west, when Bristol is to the south of Glasgow. Why did this happen? I think its normal for ATC to give you a strange heading at first, but then they lead you to your flightplan. This isn't the first time this has happened. It happened to me once when I was flying Sydney to Melbourne. I've attached a pic to better explain my troubles. The black arrow shows where I made my "ATC unapproved" turn. Sorry for the blurry pic. Any thoughts?
  10. Thanks for your advice. I should try MS Security Essentials. I'm waiting for my McAfee subscription to end!
  11. I have McAfee, and it does does the backround full scans and checks through all my FS stuff, so it takes like forever and slows down everything. I was thinking of only putting Addon Scenery that I don't always use on a flash drive, and transferring it to the Addon Scenery folder whenever I use it. Same with aircraft, with the exception of AI planes. I want my computer to work faster, that's why I'm considering this. Before cleaning stuff off my computer, it worked slower. Now it works better. The stuff I took off isn't big software or something, it's .docx, uneeded folders, music, not big files, but a lot. As far as hard disk space, I have like 183 GB available, and a total of 283 GB. So I've used 100 GB, and FS takes about 12 GB of that 100 GB.
  12. Hi all, I was just cleaning my computer form junk, and I realized that FS2004 takes a couple of gigs of my memory. Anyway, I was wondering if I can run FS9 on a flash drive, if I copied the whole folder there. Anyone tried this before? Has it worked? The reason I'm considering doing this is because my computer isn't the best machine out there, but works fairly with FS9. I have plenty of memory, but I know that without FS2004 my computer will work better. Thanks for viewing!
  13. Thanks so much! That did the trick! Indeed its a very nice panel.
  14. I still get the same exact thing. I followed your steps, and put everything as you said, but no luck. No, this is the PSPanels panel for the 737NG
  15. Hello all,I downloaded a 737-900 to use with the PSPanels 737 package. After everuthing was unzipped, I put the panel folder into the 739 folder I downloaded, added the gauges to the FS9 gauges folder and all the other procedures, but I still can't see the gauges (like knobs, and levers, etc).Here is a picture:I don't know what went wrong. Any ideas?
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