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  1. I have a strange problem with the wake effects in P3Dv4. It happened only with ships on rivers, not on oceans so far. And it happend not the whole way, but most of the course. Has someone an idea, how to solve this. I never found a picture or a post at the net who showed this effect. Here is the link to the picture: https://www.magentacloud.de/lnk/FvAKEC2X#file After try and error for serveral days without any success and after I opened this topic, to get help, I think I found a solution for the problem. I changed the following entry in the particle section of the wake effect file from Ground Decal=1 to Ground Decal=0. Since then I saw no more stripes with the wake effect. Hope it is gone for ever.
  2. Problem found. Ultimate Traffic 2 has provoked the shutdown of the autopilot. After UT Live is installed everything works as it should.
  3. Hello, I'm about to configure P3Dv4. While flying, I change settings and see if the changes do not hit the performance too much. The following scenario. I'm flying with the Carrenado Baron 58 a GPS course with the autopilot turned on (AP, NAV, ALT), Garmin GNS 430 switched to GPS. Everything works perfectly. However, during the flight, I go to the OPTION menu of P3Dv4, e.g. to change something on the graphics settings, then go back into the cockpit, the autopilot turns off at irregular intervals. Namely, AP, NAV and ALT are disabled. Also, the GPS mode turns off in the GNS 430. So I have to press 4 buttons each time to make the autopilot functional again. The same happens if the flight plan is not already loaded in the start menu, but only when I'm already in the cockpit view. At irregular intervals again and again the same shutdown. Is there any tip to turn this off? This behavior is not limited to this type of aircraft, but is also present in the Stock aircraft. So it should not be an aircraft dependent.
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