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  1. mattbaker

    LINDA not saving actions

    Hello, got LINDA 3.0.7 with FSUIPC 4.974. When I go to edit my joystick button functions, the actions that I select are not saved, even though I do press the save button. In the flight sim, the button press will not toggle the selected action either. Any ideas on what mistake I could have made here? Best regards
  2. mattbaker

    RealAir DUKEB60V2 & FLT1 GTN 750

    So, did implementing the F1 GNS 430 instead of the RXP GNS 430 work out in the end? Looking to do the same here...
  3. Hi, does anyone here use the BARO minimums feature in the PFD for your appraoches? Is there a more efficient way to set it? because when I'm flying to munich for example, the BARO min is 1670 ft. It would take me more than a minute of holding the "+" button in order to get from the 250 to 1670... Is there any way of getting the dial knob speed higher??
  4. Hey everybody, I'm trying to configure my own, basic panel for the CJ2. Theres really only one thing that I need though: I've seen the images of the big GTN mod package, and I've noticed you managed to separate the Engine instruments from the PFD, to display them as a popup. How did you manage to do that? I have the panel.cfg here, but I can't seem to figure it out... Also, I'm wondering - since you managed to seperate that from the moving map on the MFD, is it also possible to seperate the map from the PFD, so that I only get the horizon and speed/altitude tape? Best regards
  5. In order not to create a new Topic, I'm just going to hijack this old topic, since there was no answer delivered to the problem: I too can't create user waypoints - I go to the user waypoint page, enter the desired name, and press enter, but upon pressing enter, nothing happens... The other functions of the G1000 work fine... Any suggestions? What did work, was to create a user waypoint using the cursor on the moving map of the MFD, then editing that user waypoint to match the LONG/LAT or PLACE/BEARING/DISTANCE of the waypoint you actually wanted to create in the first place. It's a good workaround, but I guess not the way it's supposed to be?
  6. mattbaker

    G1000 Mindstar-Manual?

    *forgot to mention: -I'd like to change the Flight Director to the crosshairs mode
  7. Hi, is there a Mindstar specific handbook for the G1000? I am aware of the official GARMIN version, however the Mindstar edition works differently or seems to be missing a few features: - I would like to change the fuel unit from GAL to liters, but can't access that data on the AUX page - Change fields in the FPL window, so as to show cumulative waypoint ETE/ETA Are those options not available or am I just missing the right clicks? Best regards
  8. mattbaker

    RealNavData Update not complete

    Thanks for the info, then I know I haven't done anything wrong at the install.
  9. Hello, I intend to use the Mindstar G1000 as preparation for my Instrument Rating, so my expectations to realism are quite high. One thing I noticed today after purchasing and installing the RealNavData Update is that the airspaces still have the same layout as in FSX Default (using the Baron B58 profile). In the RealNav FAQ it states however: Can you confirm this is a Bug/Feature/can't be changed, or have I made a mistake loading the current NavData? Waypoints and procedures do indeed seem to be all there and up to date. Best Regards