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  1. Oh I'm on FSX I'm ashamed to say, invested to much time and energy to swap before FS2020 release... Maybe FSX wasn't updated? I guess the fancy lights draw more VAS anyhow
  2. Hello, it still looks precisely as in the picture from the first post, no change at all. Kind regards
  3. Hey there, so it's been a few updates, but, at least for FSX, it seems the lights are still rather bright. Or have I missed something?
  4. When your Addon developer actually adds TOO MUCH realism for comfort - priceless 😄 😄
  5. Whats up, so I managed to actually identify exactly what the sounds nature was. As you can see in the graph below, SND85.wav contains a 20000Hz peak that is as loud as the base sound, that's what I was hearing. I managed to disable that specific frequency band above like 10000Hz, so now the file is squeaky clean 🙂
  6. Oh yeah, you can absolutely tell the hi-fidelity of the sound pack, I already assumed it's all recorded first hand. Being a pilot myself, I know that planes can make some iffy noises sometimes, but I guess having them amplified through my speakers on my desk is just a tad too much for me. Need dem ears for my recurrent medical after all 😄 😄 I muted the file, so I'm cool now, and enjoying the hell out of the incredible authenticity of the bird 🙂
  7. I FOUND IT OMG FSX/Sound/MT/SND85.wav "Battery Hum". I'll try and edit the high pitch out, or I'll just replace the file with a mute wav...
  8. Some more info: When I select the plane in the FSX main menu, before even loading a flight, thats when the sound initially starts together with the interior sound. Completely removing all of the .wav files in the sound config does not change anything, meaning that it's none of the .wav files. Furthermore, the interior sound and therefore the uncomfortable high pitch noise are not affected by anything I set in the FSX sound menu tab. Even switching off sound completely there, the interior environment sounds persist to play. So this appears to be somehow hardcoded into the model?
  9. Hello, just got the Lear 35 new for FSX, but can't really enjoy it yet - when switching any of the two BATs to on, I hear a very, very high pitch noise in the background. It's relatively low volume, but its super high pitched nature, like a dog whistle I would imagine, is extremely annoying and somewhat painful to the ears. I went to the sound folder and switched off "cockpitfans.wav", but that's not where the noise is coming from. Are there any other sounds that are initiated when switching on the BAT switches that you could tell me about so I can maybe try and tweak them to get rid of this noise? I could imagine, since it's so shrill, that not everyone would even hear it if they have less than optimal hearing, so please, bear with me, I can assure you I hear it and it is indeed painful to me... 😕
  10. See this is kind of what the problem is here. Flight sim addons are getting more and more complex, therefore prices have been rising steadily since many years. It's understandable, if you compare the current models of PMDG planes to the one we used to have in FS9 for example. The differences and additional features are truly mindblowing, and we should be so very thankful to the work, time and sweat that developers are putting into their art. But with price comes an expectation from the customer. If I'm buying a 35$ Carenado plane, I know there's going to be shortcomings. Expecting them to deliver perfection is unrealistic. If however I'm paying 135$ for the PMDG 777-200, then the simulation has to be at the very, very top end of what is possible with todays tools and capabilities, since the price is at the very very top end of what Flight sim addons cost in 2019. If Carenado, for a 35$ product, was asking for help from RL Pilots with on type experience to improve upon their products realism, that would be greeted with amazement and gratitude from their customer base. But at 120$ and a feature list that explicitly states " Exclusive: Accurate Systems (include FADEC)", the expectation is that this is already accurately simulated, or at least you know exactly what to do in order to update the product to the level of realism that the set price silently advertises. Can you see where I'm coming from? I mean no disrespect, but this example, together with the lack of actual in game footage from the devs, is certainly something that is still keeping me on the fence.
  11. Can someone with RL experience comment on this also? I agree that it looks odd. And not to seem like a pessimist grump: yes, the TAWS does look amazing, good job on that.
  12. Hello, got LINDA 3.0.7 with FSUIPC 4.974. When I go to edit my joystick button functions, the actions that I select are not saved, even though I do press the save button. In the flight sim, the button press will not toggle the selected action either. Any ideas on what mistake I could have made here? Best regards
  13. So, did implementing the F1 GNS 430 instead of the RXP GNS 430 work out in the end? Looking to do the same here...
  14. Hi, does anyone here use the BARO minimums feature in the PFD for your appraoches? Is there a more efficient way to set it? because when I'm flying to munich for example, the BARO min is 1670 ft. It would take me more than a minute of holding the "+" button in order to get from the 250 to 1670... Is there any way of getting the dial knob speed higher??
  15. Hey everybody, I'm trying to configure my own, basic panel for the CJ2. Theres really only one thing that I need though: I've seen the images of the big GTN mod package, and I've noticed you managed to separate the Engine instruments from the PFD, to display them as a popup. How did you manage to do that? I have the panel.cfg here, but I can't seem to figure it out... Also, I'm wondering - since you managed to seperate that from the moving map on the MFD, is it also possible to seperate the map from the PFD, so that I only get the horizon and speed/altitude tape? Best regards
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