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  1. Dear all, I ve just posted a video of a fun flight I did around this beautiful scenery from Airfoillabs. If you like the video please subscribe to my channel 😁 Enjoy!
  2. OK, thanks for the reply. The problem is that the instruments will not display the correct values then. I ll ask in the air cockpit forum because some of them know how to list L:vars and combine them with LINDA to transfer them in FSUIPC so that the Simkits and/ or flight Illusion gauges display the correct values. Thanks Stephane
  3. Hi folks, My home cockpit is based on Flight Illusion gauges similar to SimKits. I m totally new to LINDA and was wondering if something has been created for the 172 trainer to extract the correct instrument values so that the Flight Illusion gauges display the proper values? If so, could somoene explain me in details what to do because that s really obscur for me! Many thanks. Cheers Stephane
  4. Hi, Have you modified any of the .gau files? Regards, Stephane
  5. Hi Jan, My daughter is ill so don't have the time to do it right now, I'll do it probably this week-end and I'll let you know about it. Again, many many thanks! Regards, Stéphane
  6. No way to make it work!! I'm a real beginner in XLM programation. Is there a way for you to write it for me? It will give me also an example for the futur sound I might implement in other projects. Hope you'll be able to do it. Thanks a million, Stéphane
  7. Hi Jan, I'll try this then and let you know if that' works. Many thanks again. Stephane
  8. Hi Jan, Thx for your advices. I've renamed the .wav file and modified the .ini file. But I think you meant the .XML file about the clickspot? If so, I can't do it simply because there is no .XML files, it is a .gau file instead (e.g. the defaut C172SP in FS9). Any advice to be able to open that kind of file? Thanks again for your precious help. Regards, Stéphane
  9. Dear all, I'm struggling to induce fuel pump sound in FS2004 by using the dsd_XML_sound gauge. Here is my dsd_XML_sound.ini file: [Config] MaxSounds=100 Lvar=dsd_xml_sound3 LvarStop=dsd_stop_sounds [LVars] Lvar00=GENERAL_ENG_FUEL_PUMP_ON [sounds] Sound00=./Sound/fuelpump.wav I've declared the dsd_XML_sound3.gau in the panel.cfg file, so the problem is not there but might be in the .ini file above. Basically, it should start the sound when the fuel pump is ON, but it does not! Anyone could help me doing this? Many thanks in advance for any help! Kind regards, Stéphane
  10. Hi James, Glad to hear that you have the sim idea as mine! It is definitely a good setup design then!!! But on my side, my setup has been updated and I've replaced the three Saitek radio and PA panel with the Flight Illusion Bendix King radios which are awesome. I've also purchased the Go flight ATC module. Here few pictures of the sim:
  11. I use FSX too, no problem with any of the Saitek module using SPAD only. The only issue I had was that the radio panel looks to turn into sleep mode after a while. I've discovered that it is needed to turn off the sleep function of the USB devices in the control panel. Maybe it is your problem....be aware that running both the SPAD drivers and Saitek drivers may cause serious instability and incompatibility! But it should work for you as It is actually working fine for me. Stéphane The easiest way to assign function to the switch panel is to use the keyboard emulation in SPAD. Assign the same key in FSUIPC corresponding to the function of the aircraft you want to control and this is it!
  12. FYI, I did not install the Saitek drivers...only the SPAD drivers, and everything works fine for me (radio panel, BIP, multi panel, switch panel, cessna pro yoke, rudder, TPM and trim wheel.
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