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  1. Dear all, I ve just posted a video of a fun flight I did around this beautiful scenery from Airfoillabs. If you like the video please subscribe to my channel 😁 Enjoy!
  2. OK, thanks for the reply. The problem is that the instruments will not display the correct values then. I ll ask in the air cockpit forum because some of them know how to list L:vars and combine them with LINDA to transfer them in FSUIPC so that the Simkits and/ or flight Illusion gauges display the correct values. Thanks Stephane
  3. Hi folks, My home cockpit is based on Flight Illusion gauges similar to SimKits. I m totally new to LINDA and was wondering if something has been created for the 172 trainer to extract the correct instrument values so that the Flight Illusion gauges display the proper values? If so, could somoene explain me in details what to do because that s really obscur for me! Many thanks. Cheers Stephane
  4. FYI, I did not install the Saitek drivers...only the SPAD drivers, and everything works fine for me (radio panel, BIP, multi panel, switch panel, cessna pro yoke, rudder, TPM and trim wheel.
  5. dunno about the Saitek drivers...let me have a look in SPAD forum! Stephane Edit: Found on SPAD forum. Answer from Massimo (conceptor of SPAD): "go to your "control panel"/"add-remove programs" and uninstall only: "Saitek Pro Flight Panels""
  6. Hi Andrew, SPAD is your solution:http://fstools.weebl...m/download.html De install your Saitek drivers, and install SPAD. It will install its own drivers and you can customize plenty of functions which are not available by defaut. Try this and let us know if that solved your issue! Here a non exhaustive lists of improvements brought: Compatibility with addon aircraft supporting keystrokes and virtual joystick button (using Peter Dowson's FSUIPC) - Improved knobs sensitivity with tunable acceleration - Additional features like altimeter barometric regulation - Many bugs fixed (missed glide slope in FS2004, Nav1 switch etc.) - Much better stability Regards, Stephane
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