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  1. Hello! I need help, AISIDSTAR12Q last version, each time shows error. Attach a screenshot. Windows 7 64, FSX, P3D. Thank you Leo PS. Hmm. I do not know how to enclose the screenshot.
  2. Hello! Sorry to here, but I will not be a new thread assumed. I currently have a Asus GTX 660ti 2Gb OC. It makes sense to change the new card ? Thank you.
  3. I have a problem with the installation of the SDK Traffic. Can someone explain to me step by step what to do. I have been an example of a DLL with FSX, but it did not help me. Thank you
  4. I mean: "I don't know if this is an anomaly with the new revision,but I have noticed the following-:1) Delayed callouts by the captain on takeoff,i.e. "thrustset,V speeds".2) When loading a presaved flight,e.g. an approach,the pilot does not callout flap settings,e,g, flaps 22,flaps 35.I don't know if he's supposed to call out flaps 15 or flaps 50,but that never happens,even with a complete flight.######in Betty works OK.Anyone else have this problem?Note I have also saved the panel condition on approach and loaded it along with the saved approach,but this does not make a difference.Ron " But perhaps nothing that can not be done Leo
  5. This week I bought the MD-11 FSX, and I have a problem with the voice. You never hear that the first officer spoke V1, Rotate, etc. I reinstalled MD-11 but nothing helped. Any suggestions what might be. I have FSX Accel. Thank you Leo
  6. MCE is it worth anything? I tried the demo, installed, I made wizard, I think everything was ok, nicer female voice said my name. I started FSX later, MCE, and nothing happens. My MD-11 parked at the booth, cold and dark. How should the start check list, I have to press something? Does everything I am doing well?
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