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  1. Bill, you rock I haven't flown the DC3 for years due a number of issues which you have now resolved Thank you so much
  2. I haven't flown this remarkable airplane for years because of panel issues and the above mentioned chicken noise. Last night I found this thread and all appears to be good. Thank God! I purchased another DC3 addon but it in no way measured up to this bird. If you see me flying in the Yukon/Alaska area give me a shout(C-GDSG) Still don't have the altimeter in the SugarPuss but I can live with that. Thanx to everyone at MAAM for producing such a fun aircraft.
  3. Ah! Maybe we are getting somewhere. Bk27's issue is with the altimeter, mine is that none of the guages show up. Must be a disconnect Maybe between the panel.cfg or some other .cfg and the guage folder. On my very first install I did see the guage prompt and was surprised that it was only a blip and not a batch of requests you usually get.I have deleted anything to do with MAAM, installed a fresh MAAM. Notta Anyhoo! I found my FS2004 CD and installed it. Currently enjoying a six flight from CYXY to Inuvik.
  4. Hey Toni; Have you found a solution?
  5. HeartofDavid I'm so glad you posted. I'm having the same issues. I thought I was going nuts. I installed to: C:\programfiles(x86)\microsoftgames\microsoft flight simulator X\ The aircraft show in : C:\program files(x86)\microsoft games\microsoft flight simulator X\simobjects\airplanes Gauge file: MAAM_RAD 04/03/2001 DLL file 17,133KB (There was an old GAU file here but I deleted it) After an install, when starting FSX you should get a message to intialize files.I'm not getting this. I know the solution is a simple one and when found I'll kick myself for not getting it. That's always the way After spending 5 years flying VSOA, 2 years with vCAF and the last 3 in the vUSN flying the VRS F18 I need something a little more relaxing. I flew the MAAM for years prior and look forward to flying again