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  1. I just tried out the JF DC-3 demo (limited to 1,000 ft, before it turns into a black square).Pros: fully functional VC (vs the extremely limited VC in the MAAM DC-3) - almost everything is clickable, including radios, fuel selector, etc. flies well-ish (but maybe a bit too fast at cruise settings; not certain) Cons: too easy to taxi - rudder is strangely effective at low taxi speed differential prop doesn't turn the plane as effectively as on the MAAM slow framerates on my laptop (probably OK on a high-end desktop system) harder to find an eyepoint that lets me monitor major instruments and see outside A/P isn't as realistic turning knobs with the mouse is tricky not a fan of the unrealistically tidy, flat-coloured interior I'm very frustrated with the limitations of the MAAM DC-3 VC (it's far less functional than even the default FSX DC-3), but I'll probably stick with MAAM for now because of the decent flight/taxiing model and proper Sperry A/P functionality. With luck, some day, MAAM will come out with the new, native FSX aircraft they've been promising for a few years.
  2. I'm enjoying the MAAM DC-3, especially now that I know how to make the exterior textures show up (turn off DirectX 10 preview in FSX options), how to switch to a medium-res VC to keep my framerate usable, and how to make the yoke disappear so that I can see the ADF (I love NDB navigation, and the one thing I liked about the FSX stock DC-3 was the prominently-positioned RMI). I have a question, though -- are the landing lights realistic? I know they're going to be a lot brighter than the landing light in my little real-life Piper Warrior, but they seem to illuminate a huge are in front of the aircraft, with a much wider beam than I would have expected. I'm interested to know if FSX forced some compromises there.Also, is there a way to make the interior lighting more realistic at night (where "realistic" is based on my experience of flying Pipers and Cessnas at night, so may need to be adjusted for the DC-3).Thanks,David
  3. Thank you very much, Bill! It worked perfectly. I guess my search was too specific.
  4. I recently purchased the MAAM DC3 for FSX. It seems to fly OK, and the virtual cockpit is fully textured, but the aircraft is always plain white from an external view, no matter what livery I pick. I used the installed to set it up (I didn't try by hand).I've searched on and off, but haven't found anyone having this same problem. Can anyone suggest how I might troubleshoot it?Thanks,David(PA-28-161 owner/pilot in RL)