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  1. Hi you got me thinking, and i figured out, somehow i had a mixup with the overhead panels of the different models now my 700 has an OFF, 800 has an AUTO position as it should be, and it makes sense what FO is doing... Sorry my mistake, cheers
  2. Hi Bryan, Maybe i didn't explain my question clear enough: While doing the Checklist (before Taxi, Landing) he asks for Eng.-Start-Switches. (switch position is AUTO) I say "Continuous", The FO is fine with that (same the other way around when switch is on CONT and I say "Auto") The point is not which is the correct setting, i could choose either setting for TO or Landing, but shouldn't setting and my statement match? But that's not the actual issue: I wanted to know why the FO is selecting CONT in the -700 and AUTO in the -800? is this on purpose? The switch is the same in all Models and I think (from my research) it should be in the same setting on all models (CONT) during TO and Landing I have the following suspicion: 1.) In the -800 the FO - for what ever reason - doesn't actually flip the Eng.-Start -Switches - even though he should/wants to (as its done in the other models) 2.) Since statement and switch position isn't checked for matching during the Checklist dialogue it results in this discrepancy....??!! ...am i right, or is there a deeper purpose behind the different switch positions i don't know about? Cheers
  3. Hello, I noticed that on the -700 the FO is setting the Engine Start Switches to CONTINIOUS for T/O (before Taxi) and for landing (as I think is the correct way to do). On the -800 he is setting the Engine Start Switches to AUTO for T/O and LDG He also doesnt correct me if i read back "Continous" even if Auto is selected Are there different procedures between -700 and 800, or is this a bug? I did some searching and I think it should be on CONT on all models?! Win7-64 pro, FS9.1, Ifly 3.2.something, FS2CrewVoice latest update thanks Stefan
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