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  1. Yup 3060ti works well with a 5600x at 1440p. Probably the sweet spot for that res. The YouTube videos represent the realistic FPS well. Of course depends on the aircraft/location but I get mostly 45-50 fps doing EGLC-EGLL in a 152 with steam gauges low level along the Thames. In the TBM with a glass cockpit it drops to 35-40 fps but it's still smooth and I wouldn't notice the FPS drop unless I had the FPS counter running. My 3060ti is a Gaming X Trio which is total overkill for that level of card. Although it is basically silent. My advice would be to get the cheapest one you can find. Pay a premium for silence though. I reckon the EVGA 3060ti XC3 hits the mark - nice and small, only needs one 8 pin power connector. (NB I stumbled upon a 6800xt in stock in my local shop so I impulse (!) bought that a couple of weeks ago. It's only an extra 5-10 fps in pancake 1440p but the real gain for me is in VR. The 6800xt beats the 3060ti by a country mile. Only thought I'd mention that in case this post doesn't jive with my post history)
  2. Happy with my 3060Ti at 1440p. Get about 25fps in FS2020 on ultra (except for 80% render scaling) on a 152 flight from EGLC to EGLL. The G1000 enabled 172 drops it to about 20 fps but still smooth and looking lovely. Airliners might be a different matter though! I get about 35-40 fps in the 172 in XP 11.50 (Vulkan API), everything maxed. I haven't done any deep analysis but I feel like my 3700x might be struggling to keep up. Either need FS2020/XP11 to start using more cores or maybe I should side grade to the 5600x for more IPC and outright GHZ.
  3. Some testing I did to answer my question of which setup should be in the FSX rig - i3-540 @ 4140mhz or a stock i5-3470. (X-posted from my thread) The i5-3470 + B75 mobo + 16gb RAM was about CA$350 with taxes and shipping (about $310 sans taxes/s&h). The lowest for a K-series CPU in Canada? There was a deal for a 3570k + mobo for $299+tax so $50 for RAM = $350+HST = $395-ish. For an FSX specific build, K series all the way but I thought this would be useful to see some "regular" hardware in action.
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