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  1. Happy with my 3060Ti at 1440p. Get about 25fps in FS2020 on ultra (except for 80% render scaling) on a 152 flight from EGLC to EGLL. The G1000 enabled 172 drops it to about 20 fps but still smooth and looking lovely. Airliners might be a different matter though! I get about 35-40 fps in the 172 in XP 11.50 (Vulkan API), everything maxed. I haven't done any deep analysis but I feel like my 3700x might be struggling to keep up. Either need FS2020/XP11 to start using more cores or maybe I should side grade to the 5600x for more IPC and outright GHZ.
  2. Some testing I did to answer my question of which setup should be in the FSX rig - i3-540 @ 4140mhz or a stock i5-3470. (X-posted from my thread) The i5-3470 + B75 mobo + 16gb RAM was about CA$350 with taxes and shipping (about $310 sans taxes/s&h). The lowest for a K-series CPU in Canada? There was a deal for a 3570k + mobo for $299+tax so $50 for RAM = $350+HST = $395-ish. For an FSX specific build, K series all the way but I thought this would be useful to see some "regular" hardware in action.
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