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  1. Hi Dillon... Apologies for the late reply. I've actually sorted the problem. Thank you for your kind offer. Regards ZA
  2. Hello.. Been searching for help with the RFP B747-200. I can't for the life of me find the 'loaders' (passengers, cargo etc.) that come with the package. Can anyone help please? Without these it's even more difficult to fly than normal. Kind Regards ZA
  3. Hi... Dig a little deeper. There is an updated FSX version free in the library here. It works too..See my post re: the problem I had with the DX 10 Fixer (now solved thanks to the author Steve. Hope this helps. Kind Regards ZA
  4. Hi Steve... You're spot on. I have your DX 10 Fixer installed and an excellent addition it is too. Did as advised and it works. Thanks for your time, really appreciated. Kind Regards ZA
  5. Hi..just loaded the FSX version of the TM B737-200 into FSX SE. All is well, except there's no undercarriage. Is this a compatibility issue, has anyone else had the same? Regards ZA
  6. This is now sorted.. I did a re-install. Thanks ZA
  7. Hi.. Is anyone here flying this? Just got it..great price now. Love using FS9 fr older aircraft. Got a problem though. The numbers, right of decimal points on the radio will not move. Read the manual, seem to be doing it right. The Forum at Capt. Sim (FS9 seems quiet) Hope someone might have a fix please. Thanks ZA
  8. Having a problem with this using FS9 in W 10. MAAM_R4D.dll.Gau just freezes the programme. I've added the updated one..same thing. Even added the FSX version ..gau. It worked, but the click ons for the OH etc didn't appear...It crashed again.
  9. OK..Did as advised. Still a blank... Maybe it's not meant to be... :wink: ZA
  10. OK, thanks..I have the UAC quite high..so I'll reduce it,. I do run it as Administrator. Another download for those files ( 7&8 I think) is not a bad idea. Just my look this..if there's the remotest glitch out there..My PC will find it! Thanks for your time. Appreciated. ZA
  11. Hello Peter... Thanks for your thoughts. It was 'blocked' so sorted that out..I then set McAfee to ignore FS9 (Didn't know how to do it so I Googled it) I'm still getting the same message. Very odd. I've loaded it with all the required W7 admin criteria (as I did with all of this download. So, no joy Thanks ZA
  12. I checked..That is the problem, when it is there..I get the message previously shown This is my FS9 Gauges directory at present... It does run without it..minus some of the good things you've put in there... Thanks ZA
  13. Nope..Not W 10... :wink: I have both FS9 and FSX...I'm using the SVC in FS9. I did install it (the atn.dll) as prescribed in the 'Read Me' (either file 7 or 8 can't remember) As said, it rejected it and took ages to load: Apologies..Image is a little too large. Thought I'd post it ..A picture better describes the problem. Hope it helps and thanks for your time. :smile: ZA
  14. Hi Me again... I'm running W7 32 bit...I found the .dll as advised in post 130 as you suggested. (I didn't have this it in my system..I did a download as advised in another link) This seems to deal with W7 64..I'm W7 32 ...So I don't have SysWOW64. Sorry to be a pain. It's for the push-back as I understand it. So would be good to have it. Thanks ZA
  15. Thanks for your prompt reply..I'll have a look later on..Looking forward to it. As I type..I'm javing the manual printed! :smile: Thanks ZA
  16. Hello Vololiberista Well, checked the link, did the download and installed it (eventually) I'd like to pass on my sincere thanks to you for an awesome piece of work. I've just been reading through the thread here and it's amazing the amount of time and effort put into this. Had a quick look at the video too. (I need to read the manual) :blink: I do have a couple of queries and between the discussion about scones and jam..I didn't notice this issue. When I went to load the AC..it took a very long time and I got a message stating that FS9 wouldn't run the atn.gau which I think came in folder 7 or 8. Not a criticism, just a query. On my panel, the Push-back icon has a red line through it..however, after looking at your video I suspect that might be because I 'loaded' the SVC already running (another reason to read the manual) As for the repaints, agreed, they need an update, apparently though, they're not easy. I've done some MAAM DC-3 AC and a DC-4 (here on AVSIM) not sure 'bout these though :Worried: Thanks and Best Wishes ZA (Ralph)
  17. Thanks for the link...I'll check it out. :-)
  18. Hi Thanks Frog..I'll give it s go.. :smile: ZA
  19. Me too..His AC and panels are excellent..far better than some payware..I've used these in FSX..without too many glitches..not noticeable ones anyway..In FS9..Brilliant. Yep..can't wait for the update. ZA
  20. Hi All.. Just a quick Q to anyone who owns the above mentioned plane..Does the ADF work in the CC 114? There's a number there, and an /off button (which functions)..Can't seem to get the numbers to change though. Thanks ZA
  21. Hi Peter.. Thanks for the input..I was starting to think that. In fact, it must be that..tried everything else :wink: Oh well..such is life. Thanks to you and Mike for your time Best wishes for the new year :smile: ZA
  22. Hi Mike.. Thanks again for your reply. I'll look into it...This is driving me loopy! Best wishes ZA Hi Mike.. OK..Checked and I don't have it installed...So, I'll do some more research. Thanks again ZA
  23. Hi..Bit late in the day..I'd given up on this thread..Thanks or the reply...Tried it..but no joy. Thanks ZA
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