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  1. Hi, some time has passed since your last updated message about this. Any news here in the meanwhile? Cheers!
  2. Hi, is here any news on the AI engine rework? I hope you gents still working on it 🙂
  3. Is that ai engine project still alive? 🤔
  4. + a GTN or similar to install is absolutely not realistic. It's a pity that they don't give their aircraft good systems. I stay away from such add-ons.
  5. Hello, aren't here any recent activities going on with this software? It is really long time ago we have read something from the developer. Best regards!
  6. Hi, a pity that such plane does not come with good and realistic functionaility. I would then spend the money or even more. Has anyone thought about an integration of the IGSSIM FMS that are available even for P3Dv4? Maybe it is even possible to display the flight path in the nav display in the VC without awful 2D pop-ups?This is just a thought. What about a TCAS? Best regards, Axel
  7. No activities any longer? Also on the FSX thread nothing since August :/ No news might be good news :)
  8. Hi, how does AI Controler need ADE files with star-technique? There are complex airports with even more than one crosswind runway and developers provide special ADE files designed for different wind directions and the user selects one for each wind. Does AI Controler benefit from such or does it really no need them since it selects the runways properly accoring to the wind. Meaning, I use only one ADE file which gives opportunity to let AI controler select the proper runways. In my opinion it is quite complicate to decide for one of these different ADE files and at the end if I fly with real wind input online, the wind changes and the whole AI traffic is sent vice versa. I assumed that AI Controler voids such ADE selections. Best regards, Axel
  9. Hi Nizar, I hope that Roland can address your points Nice to see a great improvement and that RWY18 being used properly! What AI traffic do you use? Is it customized by various of these top freeware models and paints? It is interesting for me to know since I would like to build up my traffic collection with AI Controller. Btw the link to your AI paints does not work Brgds, Axel
  10. Roland, thank you for the previews! Very interesting to see how you are able to control AI. I suppose you use mytraffic or similar? Would this work with the great AI models from FAIB,FSP,TFS and all the other that come freeware? There is a very big community that uses customized traffic using home-made flightplans according to real-time operations as much as possible to 99,9% in the well known traffic .bgl files. :smile:
  11. This sounds really good! Thanks! Cross my fingers that he will manage to create the departure tool as well
  12. Hi, I am presently building my customized P3Dv3 with various add-ons and ai traffic. Do I need the star-technique for the AFD files to enable crosswind runways or does this tool handle the runway selection for the AI traffic? Brgds, Axel
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