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  1. Hi guys, I would like to know if its possible a new option for landing. I am currently flying the 767 in real life and, in most of our approach we select flaps 15 or 20 before landing gear extension, as FCTM recommends: “Flap Configurations for Approach and Landing During maneuvering for an approach, when the situation dictates an earlier than normal speed reduction, the use of flaps 15 or flaps 20 with the gear up is acceptable.” is there any chance to creat an option to use this configuration? I use the button version, and every time I need to go to the fs2crew menu, select flaps 20, command flaps 20 and, go back to select gear down, it would be amazing if there is a selection in the briefing configuration just to select, not mention it on the app briefing, and use this late configuration, is that possible? By the way, FS2Crew is a must go for me in my flights, the immersion is so close to real life, congrats guys, nice job! Best regards, Thiago Pessanha.
  2. MFrantz, well, the Authentication page is showing up now, but, it's blank now... My firewall was blocking the page to pop up, but, the blank is still a problem!!! Thanks!!!
  3. In my case, not even this screen is showing up, I got a Fault message automatically after turn on EFB.... https://imgur.com/Cn2dx3Y https://imgur.com/BCOqhBd Any clue? Thanks!!
  4. Thanks guys, I spoke with Laura from CPFlight and now is compatible with the new QII and P3Dv4. just waiting my package. Regards, Pessanha.
  5. Hello guys, Just a question, I am planning to buy a MCP for the Queen II, I wonder if the CPFlight MCP Module for B747 works with P3dV4 and the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II. This is the module: https://www.cpflight.com/en/flight-simulators-hardware-boeing-747-series.php Thank you in advance!! Pessanha.
  6. For me, it's working fine in the same version of P3D!! Nice job, I am very happy with it, now I have a gate to stop in Dubai!! Regards!
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