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  1. No more freezing of gauge/sim/system with v2.5.10.0 update installed
  2. Success - No more freezing of gauge/sim/system. The update did the trick. Thank you Jean-Luc. Aussibob
  3. Jean-Luc The issue has not been resolved. As you suggested, I re-installed the GTN750 after I downloaded v2.5.9.0 via the e-commerce installer re-install option. Used the A2A C172 Acft Configurator to put gauge into the C172 panel. Started P3D4.2 - The C172 panel is there with the GTN750 working - I can click through to the map and other functions on the 750 until the panel freezes in about 20 seconds. Hard restart required to get out. Here's the log files. rxpGTN.gau.log 18/12/02 02:52:42.940 02276 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version ((prevoiusly showed as v 18/12/02 02:52:42.939 02276 INFO ] rxp.xpl.log 18/11/27 11:01:05.821 05804 - ] # win.xpl version 18/11/27 11:01:05.821 05804 INFO ] rxpGTN_menu.dll.log 18/11/30 23:39:08.232 01652 - ] # rxpGTN_menu.dll version 18/11/30 23:39:08.233 01652 INFO ] edit panel: C:\Users\User\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\A2A\SimObjects\Airplanes\A2A_C182\panel\panel.cfg I do not know why the menu.dll.log continues to reference the A2A_C182 because that acft has been uninstalled. Also, the file properties for rxpGTN_menu.dll in c:/Program Files (x86)/RealityXP/GTNSimulation/FltSim/64 show that file to be v2.5.9.0 rxpGTNSim.dll.log 18/12/02 02:52:47.283 02276 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 18/12/02 02:52:47.282 02276 INFO ] 18/12/02 02:52:56.307 01172 INFO ] What can I try now? Bob
  4. Hi Jean-Luc I'm actually running Prepar3d v4.2. I must say I had some difficulty getting the gauge to run initially and probably messed up the installation in my efforts to get it going. I guess an un-install and re-install of the GTN is in order. It was on my mind to upgrade to P3D v4.3 (not 4.4 yet) - would you advise this, and is there anything I need to know about the uninstall-reinstall of the GTN to make it go smoothly? Bob
  5. Problem RXP GTN750 for P3D4 purchased recently. It seems to have installed properly in A2A C172 - it shows up OK in the VC panel, powers up OK and I can even start clicking "Continue" to which the GTN750 responds by changing pages. However after 15-20 seconds the mouse stops responding and panel/GTN freezes (still showing on monitor). Have tried waiting and waiting in the vain hope that it would un-freeze - it didn't. CTL-ALT-DEL does not work and a hard restart is required to get Windows working again. Identical issues with A2A C182 - appears then freezes. System Windows 7 Ultimate I7 950 4 Core Not overclocked (this PC is primarily used for VC panel only display and software that must run on the master machine) 8Gb RAM Nvidia GTX1060 6Gb Running Prepar3d v4.2 No problem devices or conflicts Status of all system drivers shows as OK Other networked PC is more capable I7 with GTX1080ti driving 3 monitors - all works well with aircraft not having GTN750 installed Diagnostics (so far) rxpGTNgau.log 18/11/29 11:36:43.480 05528 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 18/11/29 11:36:43.480 05528 INFO ] rxpGTN__menu.log 18/11/29 08:04:11.111 03052 - ] # rxpGTN_menu.dll version 18/11/29 08:04:11.112 03052 INFO ] edit panel: C:\Users\User\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\A2A\SimObjects\Airplanes\A2A_C182\panel\panel.cfg rxpGtnSim.dll.log 18/11/29 11:36:47.795 05528 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 18/11/29 11:36:47.794 05528 INFO ] 18/11/29 11:36:50.619 03444 INFO ] 18/11/29 11:37:38.902 04392 INFO rxpGTN.xpl.log 18/11/27 11:01:05.821 05804 - ] # win.xpl version 18/11/27 11:01:05.821 05804 INFO ] ............................................................ The Garmin Trainer functions properly stand alone ............................................................ Win7 Reliability Monitor shows No Windows Failures No Application Failures Miscellaneous Failures are only those assoc with hard shutdown and reboot after Sim/GTN Freeze/hang All Information events are normal Win7 Event viewer Windows Logs > Application Information only - nil of interest Windows logs > System Errors and Criticals shown are due to hard shutdown after freeze/hang ............................................................ SFC /scannow finds no integrity violations ............................................................ No anti-virus or firewall is present on system ............................................................ Performed a Clean Boot in Win7 and ran P3D4.2 - Same problem occurred after 15 seconds or so ............................................................ Hope someone has a solution or something else I might try. Regards from Melbourne, Australia Aussibob P.S. My RXP GTN750-650 combo works flawlessly in X-Plane 11 and that's why I purchased the P3D version of the 750
  6. aussibob1

    Wide Traffic and OpusFSI

    Hi Jerry Have finally got my P3D4 Flightsim setup working to my satisfaction. An I7 Server (with aircraft 3D panel only on the monitor) drives an I7 client with three monitors (external visuals) through OpusFSI. The Server also generates P3D AI traffic which is displayed on the visuals using WideTraffic64. As well as this the Server connects to 2 other PCs using FSUIPC/WideFS. These PCs run (1) Pilot2ATC for AI-aware (sort of) ATC and (2) Plan-G for Moving Map with AI overlay. Everything plays together nicely with 40+ FPS achieved on visuals at a fairly complex airfield (YMMB). In short I see AI on my external visual display and can see the AI aircraft icons on the Plan-G moving map complete with their registration numbers. Everything is synched and I even hear the P3D ATC controllers talking to the AI using their tail numbers. Separately I talk to the Pilot2ATC controllers who control my flight, The only wrinkle is that while Pilot2ATC is said to be AI-aware, I often find myself in conflict with AI aircraft - e.g.I am cleared to land and find an AI turning onto the runway forcing a quick clean-up and go-around. Apart from removing all traces of Simconnect, (which caused some Widetraffic64 initial install problems) there was no magic in achieving this setup - just carefully followed installation and configuration instructions. Guess this does not help with your installation BUT at least it shows that what you want to do is achievable. I suggest that you get OpusFSI working properly and only then worry about installing Widetraffic64. Greetings from Melbourne, Australia Bob
  7. The weekend has been full of SbuilderX, ADEx, Youtube videos and tutorials BUT I have failed to eliminate those islands. Following a video tutorial, I created a base image covering the "islands", created a water mask as .tiff,and created blend mask as .tiff; then compiled the bgl which all seemed to go OK. Put the bgl into Addon Scenery\Westernport\scenery in P3D4. Went for a fly. As I approached the area i could see that "something" had been added to the area. As I got closer and closer the "something" progressively disappeared and revealed the "islands" I had been trying to get rid of (see image). Guess I am not cut out for scenery creation/modification. Bob It sort of looks like only the base image was compiled and the masks did not work
  8. I guess we are back at the start of this thread: Its time for me to try my hand at scenery modification. Would appreciate some step-by-step guidance (so my 73 year-old brain can cope) on how I can get rid of the mud-flat "islands" What programs do I need - where do I start - what do I have to do to achieve what I want to do? Bob
  9. Hi Jethro I should have refreshed the thread before I posted my last. What you are showing is exactly what I am seeing and agree that I might have got it wrong about autogen houses and trees - I have never before made a low pass over the area. Also, I have OZx AUS installed in P3D with the required library for P3D so maybe that is contributing to the issue. Don't really want to remove OZx because it adds so much but I might take it down for a while to see what effect that has. I was sort of hoping that a couple of exclusion rectangles or something would just eliminate these "islands" or maybe I should just look the other way when flying down there. George Have a look at the images in Jetho's post - it shows what I want to get rid of. With your 80yo and my 73yo eyes we are doing well staying up in the virtual sky. Cheers. Bob
  10. A bit more info --- I am flying with ortho-scenery created by the modified version of Ortho4XP v1.3. This excellent program creates ortho-scenery from Bing and other satellite imagery providers for use in FSX/P3D. Took a quick flight down to the "mud flats" and it is clear that P3D just creates these islands and covers them with (what the program thinks) are appropriate ground textures. The straight/angular shoreline suggests that the islands are created by P3D - the shorelines in the ortho-scenery with their masks blend nicely with the water. Guess I just want these "islands" to disappear. Bob
  11. Hi George Thanks for the reply. They are located in the Western Channel centered on 38-20S 145-15E. and are most noticeable on flight ex Tyabb (YTYA) direct to Phillip Island (YPID). They show up well on Google Satellite Image (Map) of French Island - look like islands and that seems to be the reason they "became islands" in the sim. Bob
  12. One of the things that has irked me in FSX and now P3D4 is placement of trees and buildings on the mud-flats that IRL are only visible at low tide in Westernport Bay near French Island, Victoria, Australia. It's time for me to try my hand at scenery modification. Would appreciate some step-by-step guidance (so my 73 year-old brain can cope) on how I can get rid of the mud-flat "islands" or exclude the placement of trees and buildings on them. Bob
  13. aussibob1

    Ortho4XP for FSX/P3D

    757FO I think you have to ensure that the zoomlevel on the program's main page needs to be the same as the Masks_zl on the settings page. So change the zoom level to what you want on the main program page (e.g. 16) then open the settings by clicking on the icon and in the Masks settings change masks-zl to 16 as well.
  14. aussibob1

    Ortho4XP for FSX/P3D

    Aussibob - did you shift left click when selecting an area on the map? Aussibob - did you shift left click when selecting an area on the map? Aussibob - did you shift left click when selecting an area on the map? Aussibob - did you shift left click when selecting an area on the map? Aussibob - did you shift left click when selecting an area on the map? Aussibob - did you shift left click when selecting an area on the map? Aussibob - did you shift left click when selecting an area on the map? Aussibob - did you shift left click when selecting an area on the map? Aussibob - did you shift left click when selecting an area on the map? Aussibob - did you shift left click when selecting an area on the map? This will be burned into my memory for ever more. In Australia we have a paint manufacturer who prints in the paint can lid: "When all else fails - Read the instructions". Should have RTFM Thank you kjjj Aussibob
  15. aussibob1

    Ortho4XP for FSX/P3D

    Another day and still no solution found. Deleted installation. Re-downloaded from GIT using the OP link. Reinstalled. Confirmed that Python 3.5 installed and working. Ditto for PIP. Made sure that GDAL, Numpy, Pillow, pyproj, Rtree and Shapely had been installed through PIP. Made sure that sharing and permissions would not interfere with any writes. Turned off Firewall and Antivirus. After all this ( and following the video tutorial steps) the program runs and seems to function properly right up until I hit the Batch Build button - At this point the program windows just sit there looking back at me as if to say, " We have you beaten" !!!.No error messages. Has anyone got any suggestions? Aussibob