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  1. Hi Ben i am rather surprised you have released a new product. It might have been better to finish all your other products first. ill start by saying I was your biggest fan. Your airline2sim videos where the best on the market by a long long way. I bought all of them without question. I learned a lot from watching the Q400 Cadet program, the Q400 first officer program. And the 777 cadet program. But you never finished any of them. All three series had promised (if not contracted ) extra videos that where never released. And then you disappeared, leaving the airline2sim website broken for years. People payed money and can’t access the videos via streaming. You can only watch them if you download the videos. People are likely still buying those products, and wondering why the can’t stream them. Finish what you started before you start a new project. At least fix the website Ben.
  2. If that was not the route you wanted. Log into the ACARS correctly using Departure and Arrival ICAO codes Flight number You would then be presented with flight plans for that city pair :) Andy Leigh
  3. I might be wrong. But I don't think it makes any difference. A route is a route. Its just a series of waypoints joining a departure and arrival airport. You should in theory be able to use the same route for the 737NG, 777, 747,
  4. Hi everyone. I'm having a slight odd behaviour. On the ground or in the air when I push recal I get two warnings. Pressurisation and anti ice. Ok cruise alt is set properly and matches cruise in the fmc landing altitude set correctly. No failures. Wing and engine anti ice can be on or off outside air temp can be +15 anti ice still displays on recal any ideas
  5. All your products to date have been fantastic. And I have learned so much from watching them. But I do hope the 777 Cadet + course does not go the same way as the Q400 shared cockpit video !
  6. Hi Janek. I did a short flight yesterday with all your mods. The aircraft flew nicely. I screwed up the route a little in the FMC, ill try again next time. But I notice that on the Plan page of the FMC I could not edit any of the weights. Is that not possable?
  7. Thanks Janek. Amazing work, far better than we could have expected. All the members here are very lucky that you worked so hard and came up with such an excellent fix.
  8. Ahhhh I see now. Thanks for the reply Craig. And thanks to Janek for all your wonderful work. Presumably I could add the IGS now using Janeks config posted earlier and the IGS would function. And then await the completion of the gauges ?With a working FMS and inter grated avionics, and performance data the Carenado S550 will actually be a very cool business jet. If the members here can fix the other problems like climb perf VS dial and ITT it will be a amazing add on. To bad Carenado didn't release it as one
  9. Hi Janek Amazing work. I purchased the S550 a few days ago. I think I prefer the ISG instalation over the GTN. Two questions before I buy the ISG. 1. I see your panel config to fit the ISG. But what about all these extra functionalities your adding. How do we all get those??? 2. The chart with take off landing climb and cruise performance. Where does that come from?
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